Let us rejoice, and be glad.

First off, happy Easter to all of my sweet blog friends and readers!  I know it's a (few) day late, and a dollar short, but it's the thought that counts.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend.

Our Easter?  Was pretty darn good.

Holidays with your own children apparently never get old.  This year was especially fun because Grace was able to participate more than past years.

So what did our Easter festivities consist of?

An Easter egg hung on post and seeing the Easter bunny.  The hunt itself was kind of a bust because of how they laid it out.  They had an open field and tried to group off the different age groups.. but they didn't have any actual dividers to separate the ages.  So the older kids got way more than the toddlers.  Grace (Rob) was able to get one egg, but I think the whole thing kind of overwhelmed her.  And the bunny?  Totally freaked her out.  Which I don't blame her.. it was creepy.  When I walked up to set her down, it spoke, and it sounded like a robot... hoping we didn't scar her for life.  BUT we got a good laugh out of it.

I played Easter bunny for Grace and Rob.  I put in Grace's Easter basket, an Easter book from last year, a bunny my parents sent her, a personalized duck, chalk, bubbles and a Little People camel.  Rob got a kite, a reusable red solo cup and lots of jelly beans.  I got myself chocolate and some flowers Easter morning.

We went to Easter mass.  I'll admit, we've been slackers when it comes to mass.  But I am going to try harder.  We go to this sweet little Catholic church in the heart of Augusta.  There's lots of polos, a few Masters logos, sunglasses hanging by chords around necks and smock dresses on babies - but it makes me feel so comfortable!  (Which is funny because I am from Kansas where few golf, sunglasses go on heads, nobody really cares about the Masters and smock dresses and monograms just don't happen..)  Abby, Nick and Logan joined us for mass.  Grace almost made it through mass, but got a bit frustrated with us and would not sit still, so Rob ended up walking around outside with her.  Regardless, it was a beautiful ceremony and lots of beautiful churchgoers!

After a day of prepping it seems, we hosted Easter dinner at our house.  Unfortunately Rob's smoker had a malfunction halfway through smoking the ribs.. so those didn't exactly turn out as planned.  It was a good meal regardless - ham, ribs, macaroni and cheese, corn, green bean casserole, rolls and sugar cookies.

We also did an Easter egg hung in our backyard.  Rob mowed and everything!  Grace was into it for the first like 5 eggs, and then she just wanted to play with them.  The empty eggs and her Easter basket kept her entertained the rest of the day though, so it was definitely worth it.

Being away from family is always hard during the holidays, but it is made just a little bit easier when you have good friends to spend it with.  Rob, Grace and I are so fortunate to have Nick, Abby and Logan as friends courtesy of the Army... it is like spending the holidays with your second family. And for that I am thankful!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Easter minus the Easter egg hunt. :)

  2. Cute photos.

    That Easter bunny one made me giggle. As a kid I'd probably be freaked too.

  3. Glad y'all had a good weekend! And the sunglasses chords are called Croakies.

  4. Oh my goodness! Can Grace be any cuter?!?!?! Holidays are so much more fun with kids. Glad she was able to participate. We have yet to take our kids to see Santa or the Easter Bunny. Maybe when they are like 10 we will :) Hehe!

  5. Her face with the Easter bunny....Priceless!