Lately there have been lots of little things adding up to an overall feeling of this life is good.  I guess we could call it spring.  Because spring and fall tend to bring the same feelings for me.

I'm loving how last Thursday went down.  I snuck out of the house after getting Grace down for a late nap.  Rachel picked me up and we were off to the CSRA Signature Military Spouse Appreciation Event.  This was my third year going and I am sad that it will be my last for a while (chances are we will return to Fort Gordon at some point!) - this event rocks!  Just being surrounded by so many amazing military spouses can put a smile on your face.  After an evening of good food, lots of pictures, some fun games and lots of goodies, I arrived back home to a happy baby and a happy, but tired, daddy.  Success my friends!  This was the first time I was able to go out and truly enjoy myself because Rob had things under control at home (we have had some issues when she watches me leave - and that she is still breastfed around sleepy time).

I'm loving that our sporadic stop in to Target last week yielded a Lilly Pulitzer for Target romper for Grace.  I like Lilly outfits, but don't think I could pull it off.  But I was browsing online to see what they had for littles - and shocked to see the sticker price on some of those Ebay and Instagram ads.  So hello $20, perfect shape, size 2T (next year!) romper.. I snatched that up real fast y'all.

I'm loving our weekend.  It was pretty low key.. but we spent basically the whole weekend with Nick and Abby.  The patio at the Mexican restaurant Friday night - Pizza and the fight Saturday night - and a chicken casserole that Rob threw together Sunday night.  Have I mentioned how thankful I am to have such great friends here?  Grace treats Abby like a second mom and it warms my heart to know that I have someone like that here.

The bromance is real y'all.
Passed out like a champ.

I'm loving the way our summer is starting to look.  Starting with Memorial Day and my parents coming into town!!! Then July 4th in Tampa with Rob's grandparents!!! HOPEFULLY my girlfriend Kara from back home visiting shortly after that and maybe just maybe a visit from my sister before leaving for wherever!!! All these exclamation points just show you how excited that makes me!!!

I'm loving the link-up Jen and I have planned for Friday aka Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Are you joining?!  All military spouses (girl/boyfriends, fiance/ees) are welcome to link up with us!  Check out this post for the prompts.

I'm loving that Rob fixed the mower and the Big Green Egg!!! I am hoping to get our back patio cleaned up and buy a baby pool for Gray.  She LOVES to be outside and darts to the door whenever it is open.  Unfortunately we don't have any trees that would work real well with a swing, or I would have already gotten her one of those!  Desperately wish we had a park close to us - but alas, we do not.

So that is what I am loving lately - what are YOU loving lately?

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  1. It sounds like everything is going great! Looks like an awesome appreciation event and your dress is so cute!

  2. I love that green dress on you! You look gorgeous!

  3. I'll probably join in for the Military Spouse linkup :)

    I have that same romper for Natalie. Love it.

  4. I agree that spring and fall are feel good seasons. Looks like a fun event!

  5. Um, hello pretty! Love that dress! And I will definitely link up!

  6. SO happy for you. It's always such a blessing when life is going great!!

  7. You look so pretty! I love your hair. Man, I sound creepy...lol. But you have great hair!

    That romper is too adorable.