Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

I am my mothers biggest fan - so today was a great day for me to celebrate her just a little bit more.  If I can be anything like my mom, I must be doing something right.  She is kind, caring, beautiful inside and out and hands down the best mom I ever could have.

When I became a mom in January of last year, she was right by my side.  She watched her oldest become a momma and she helped teach me in that first week so much about being a mother.  To this day she is still the first phone call made when I need reassuring about my parenting skills or advice on how to handle a certain situation.  I have the best teacher.

The other day we were discussing Grace's freshly scraped up knees (girlfriend loves to play outside all day, erry'day).  Mom made the comment that when that first happened with me, she cried as she realized she couldn't always control the atmosphere I was in.  Seriously y'all, if that isn't a mothers mentality I don't know what is.  I am so grateful and lucky to have her.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, the fur-moms, the moms to angels and those trying to become moms!  I hope you have had a beautiful blessed day.  To my mom - I love you and I so appreciate you.

Thank you to my husband, Grace and Piston for the flowers and e-card (SOOO 2015!).  Also thank you Rob for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You have no idea how much I enjoyed just bumming it today.  

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