A first for everything.

We've had some interesting firsts around here lately.

We went to Grace's first kid friendly event.. Sesame Street Live.  For the first 15 minutes or so she just stared at the stage - not showing any emotions.  Luckily we met up with some pretty awesome friends of ours here and their oldest kiddo started dancing and it helped loosen Grace up.  She started having a blast.  Unfortunately they had to leave a little early and after that Grace's attention span was shot.  We left shortly after intermission with a light up Elmo toy and $15 less in the bank accounts.  I'm thankful we had the opportunity to go though and watching Grace experience this was tons of fun.

P.S. Check out my friend Heather's blog - Raising a Mini Diva.  She writes all about her Mini Diva and military life with three kiddos.  (She took these pictures!)

Rob and I had a Harry Potter marathon a few weekends ago (thanks ABC Family for airing said HP marathon so I could record it!). This was my first time seeing all of them.  I'm a fan.  I read one or two of the books as one of my best friends in elementary school was definitely a Harry Potter fan girl.. but I never finished reading or watching... I think I'm almost ashamed to admit that.

For the first time in my life.. I took Piston to a vet appointment and I was scared.  P developed a lump on his back hip.. It doesn't bother him at all, but it is noticeable so when I took him in to get his shots updated I wanted to know more.  They wanted to run tests on it at the appointment because apparently boxers get a particular skin cancer that develops into lumps.  Yes, cancer.  Which she tells me right before she sticks a needle into said lump, then goes and looks at it... those five minutes were terrifying.  We are so so very lucky (the vet said so!) because it is just a cyst.  NOT skin cancer.  But reality check, P is five.. and getting up there in dog years.

And the first time in awhile where I wished Georgia wasn't my current home.  Two nights in a row I have had awful, awful encounters with rather large spiders and their little babies jumping off their backs and wrecking havoc on my heart/emotions at a very late hour.  I. Can't. Y'all.  I love the South - but I was never afraid of bugs until living down here.... like for realzy.

Otherwise --- we are working on our fourth move in five years, going to bed super early to avoid after dark bug encounters and binge watching tons of Friday Night Lights to get through this INSANE heat.

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. I'm glad it's not cancer! And the bugs in the south are serious. That was always what I told people when they asked how I liked it there.

  2. I am so glad it is not cancer!!!!

  3. GIRL! Joe is gone and it's like the spider apocalypse around here!!!!! I'm ready to get outta dodge!

  4. Yes the bugs in the south suck!!!!! Wow! Lots of firsts! Good luck with your next move!!!