Army life, a stressful life.

So the minute you put out into the world that you are ready to move in a month... something happens and you are stuck in a holding pattern with everything more or less on pause.

Rob is currently almost done with his schooling to become a Signal Warrant Officer.  But a new branch is being set up in the army - Cyber... and the deadline to drop a packet for that was last week.  So at the very last possible minute, Rob dropped one.

After a few phone calls we were essentially told to pause our plans to move to Fort Campbell.  Four scenarios could play out in the next two months:

1. Rob is selected to become a Cyber Warrant Officer and our orders to Fort Campbell are cancelled and we stay put here at Fort Gordon.

2. Rob is selected to become a Cyber Warrant Officer and our orders to Fort Campbell are cancelled and we are put on orders back to Fort Meade.

3. Rob is selected to become a Cyber Warrant Officer and we follow our orders to Fort Campbell as planned.  We move, Rob deploys, we are put on orders either back here or to Fort Meade a little less than two years later.

4. Rob is not selected to become a Cyber Warrant Officer and we go to Fort Campbell a few days late.  Rob would drop a cyber packet again at a later date.

In my opinion one of the first three scenarios will happen.  I am secretly still hoping we go to Fort Campbell and spend a few years being closer to home before moving further away again.  Obviously it would be better to not go there as we would avoid a deployment... but I am craving somewhere new.

Fort Meade and Fort Gordon are not new.  They are best for Rob's career though.  If selected Maryland and Georgia will essentially be our only choices for a few years before more locations open up in this very new branch of the military.

So, surprise... we will not know anything until the end of August at the earliest.  Since Rob is currently on orders we are hoping to know something by mid September, but it is always a waiting game in this life.

Just say a prayer I can keep my stress levels down.  I thought we were past this whole not knowing what the end of the year would look like business, and surprise, here we are again!

It's never dull around these parts...

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  1. Wow.. don't ever like you can ever say.. "ok this is happening" thanks Army!

  2. It is always something isn't it?? At least if you come up to Meade, we can meet before this crew leaves to (a still unknown) next destination! Ill say a prayer for a quick decision- no one likes the wait!

  3. Argh! Really starting to realize what a waiting game this is, so frustrating..! I better cut my man some slack! ;) Hope you guys get an answer soon!!

  4. Sending good vibes for a quick decision! Gotta love the army and the hurry up and wait game.

  5. Oh man, I can't imagine how stressful it is!

  6. well we are at meade if you come here lol. prayers for you. It's always stressful.

  7. Mac has explored Cyber a lot, too. As signal, he's a solid lock if he wants a job there. We actually talked about buying a house in Augusta assuming that Fort Gordon will expand once Cyber really gets established there. Hoping that everything works out for y'all!

  8. Oh man! I hope you get some firm answers soon! That sounds so stressful for everything to be so up in the air!

  9. Wow! That's crazy!!!! I hope you guys get the choice you want and avoid a deployment. Good luck and hopefully you won't have to wait until September to find out. I hate the waiting game. I feel for ya!

  10. You know what they say- hurry up and wait! A truer word was never spoken.

  11. Ugh, yes, waiting is difficult. I hope the stress levels do stay down.