It is definitely one of those nights... ironically enough, a Monday... where the hot chocolate, leftover pumpkin bars and twinkling Christmas tree lights make everything a little better.  Overall it was a typical Monday full of errands, cleaning and prompt baby naps... and then this evening came in sort of like a wrecking ball and we were struggling.  Hard.  So after fighting bedtime like I've never seen a toddler fight - this mama is dialed in to some Bravo crap in a quiet living room still trashed with the various ornaments yanked off the tree throughout the day.

But this weekend? This weekend was good.

Even though we were originally planning to spend Thanksgiving with family in Maryland... we made the most of our holiday together just us, our baby girl and the dog.  Rob smoked a turkey on the Big Green Egg and I baked, casseroled and loaded down the crockpot for a feast fit for the entire weekend.  The Tennessee weather was beyond gorgeous with a surprisingly sunny, warm day (only to follow with rain basically every day since...) and we soaked up every minute of it.  It was definitely one of those days where I went to bed feeling blessed beyond belief.

The rest of the weekend was spent Black Friday shopping for Christmas gifts we probably didn't really need to buy ourselves, getting a Christmas tree, binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies like I seriously never have before (surprise... they ALL end the same - happy Christmas after!) and eating tons of leftover turkey until the 50% off any Domino's pizza special was just way too good to pass up.

Our house is decked out for Christmas and the shopping lists are all made.  Holiday travel plans are almost finalized and I'm feeling on top of my game.  How long will it last?  Nobody knows... probably until the baby wakes up tomorrow morning ready for another day of toddler shenanigans.

I am every so thankful for that sweet girl though - among other things like her daddy, the dog, my family, hot chocolate, pumpkin bars and twinkling Christmas lights...

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