Two years ago I was in a small hospital room... feeling scared and nervous about the little baby snuggled deep in my arms.  How would I know what she needed and how to appease her?  How could I be responsible for such a small little human?  Could I even do it?

Well - here we are two years later.  In a much larger house... still feeling scared and nervous (because my husband says I am a hypochondriac) but feeling much more confident in my abilities to be Grace's mom.  It's not always easy and her second year of life has without a doubt hit us HARD already.  But we've made it.  She's a growing, learning, thriving toddler.  She has a personality that constantly keeps you on your toes.  She keeps life fun (and stressful, if I am keeping it real...).

Today she turns two.  Which I still find hard to believe.  It's like I blinked and all that time passed.

We will open a few presents, eat some cake and celebrate our sweet little girl today.  She's two and that only happens once in a lifetime!

To my girl... mommy loves you.  I truly hope that I do a good job of making you feel that day in and day out.  Being your mother is my greatest joy and I can't wait to watch you develop even more into the little person you are destined to be.  Thanks for helping me keep it real and remember what is important in life.  You face great changes this year in your short little life... but I know that you will take them in strides and love on your baby sister like the little mama that you are.  I love you always.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Grace! Wishing you a very special day pretty girl! :)

  2. I just love these pics! I hope your birthday was amazing GG. Next year will be MUCH different <3