Making: Not a thing... almost lunch time though.
Cooking: About to cook some macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets.  Toddler life.
Drinking: Just finished a glass of milk.

Reading: I started a Nicholas Sparks novel - but can't even tell you the name because so far I'm not feeling it.  I did just finish reading some blogs though.  
Wanting: The house to finish putting itself together prior to baby.
Playing: CMT.

Listening: To the TV and Grace mumble as she plays.
Sewing: Nothing... ever.
Wishing: For the baby to get here... but not before I empty out and put the nursery together.

Enjoying: The sunshine.
Liking: That tomorrow Gray and I are getting her second birthday pictures done.  Finally.
Wondering: If Rob will ever help me move the guest bedroom bed and hang some curtains.

Hoping: For a clean report next week from my OB with fresh blood sugar numbers.
Marveling: At how easy going my toddler CAN be.  
Needing: To clean.  Do laundry.  Decorate the house.

Smelling: Nothing unusual - so I guess just us?
Wearing: Pajama pants and a t-shirt.  It's getting limited on what can and can't fit comfortably these days.
Thinking: Of all the things I hope to do pre-baby number 2.

Feeling: Tired and unmotivated.
Bookmarking: Decorating ideas for the house.

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  1. fingers crossed for a clean report from the Doc! "Toddler life" Love it! so true!

  2. Ugh, laundry. I have some to do as well.

    I recently finished Nicholas Sparks' latest book called See Me. It was meh.

  3. I can't wait to see how her pictures turn out! :)