Love Day Weekend

Some weekends are better than others.  Ones that are four days and include Valentine's Day and President's Day, are even better.

The majority of the weekend was spent hanging out as we do most weekends.  Grocery shopping, twin size bed ordering and some guest bedroom cleaning.  Slowly but surely making progress on a way to long to-do list.  A list that only seems to grow instead of shrink as time passes.

Sunday morning I woke up to a missing husband.  As our Valentine's tradition seems to go... Rob wakes up and sneaks out to go spend a small fortune on dying flowers, cards and chocolates.  He snuck back in as Grace and I were just waking up for the day with the above mentioned gifts and a large, oversized bear that made the littlest lady in his life happy as can be.  After breakfast the snow started coming so the rest of our day was spent inside bundled up and FULL of love.

Hard to believe that Rob and I spent our first Valentine's Day together 8 years ago back in 2009.  He was home from AIT for the weekend and our day was celebrated together with a single rose plucked from one of those flower buckets you sometimes find at stores for the holiday.  This store happened to be a Waffle House and the day was simple, just like that rose.  Taking in the day TOGETHER just two short months after we started dating.

Sometimes it is funny to look back and see how much things have changed.  But one thing that hasn't is the assurance that we love each other and this crazy life we lead.

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