On Monday I turned 26 and 3 days later my husband turned 26... obviously it was so exciting that I posted ON the actual day of our respective birthdays.  Oh wait... I didn't.  But our birthdays were still exciting in that "we are closer to 30" kind of way.

If you ask my husband he is still 21.  His father says the same thing.  My mother says the same thing.  Maybe it is a right of passage as you get older to claim you are younger... but honestly... 26 feels about right.

I didn't get any extra abilities this year.  Just another year on the calendar.  Now my life is more about celebrating my babies and their accomplishments.  Because when they accomplish something, I win too.

They say motherhood takes over you life... and I guess this is one of those times when that saying rings true.  I'm blessed to add another year to my life accomplishments.  I don't think I ever expected to be right here doing just this at 26.  But now I can't picture myself anywhere else.

So here is to another year of life... my 26th year will certainly bring about some changes.  Hopefully some personal growth too.

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  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!! :) You look beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I agree with Jen, you look great!!