Grace - Two Years

Well we officially have a bossy strong willed two year old in our house.  Each day is certainly an adventure - some days Mom and Dad find more fun than others.  But that is all in the details.  We finally made it in to the doctor for her two year well-baby so here is an update on my girl.

At two, Grace is...
29 pounds and in the 75th percentile.
2 feet, 11 inches and in the 82nd percentile.
still wearing a size 4 diaper (but hello size 5 at next purchase!).
growing out of 18 month clothing and in to 24 month/2T at a rapid pace.
wearing a size 6 shoe.
mostly babbling, but adding words daily - "juice", "p", "bye", "go" to name a few.
understands almost everything.
loving yogurt, granola bars, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, ketchup. pizza.
sleeping in her own bed - for part of the night at least.
binky free.
a fan of Curious George, Sofia the First and Mickey (Meemee).
weaned from the boob - since about 20 months.
a creature of habit - always.
giving kisses, hugs, fist bumps.
obsessed with music.
scared of shadows.

hates vegetables and trying new foods, sitting in the seat of the shopping cart, being told no, diaper rash cream when a slight rash is going and getting frustrated.

Mommy loves...
how independent you are.
cuddles at the end of the day.
that you are a lefty too.
how attached you have become to your stuffed animals.
your love for dogs.
how bossy you are, most of the time.
when you hold my hand so perfectly.
how when you wake up at night... you need mama cuddles.

I've grown so much as a mom in two years... and the next year will certainly stretch me even further.  I've been blessed to have a beautiful baby girl who for two years has taught me the ropes of being a mother and how to take each day as it comes.  I worry unnecessarily and I stress over the small things, but knowing the love that I know as a mom, is a feeling like no other.  I just hope the transition to two goes as smoothly and my heart grows even bigger.

Thanks for being you baby love.  

Also - we are definitely celebrating the mostly positive two year check up.  All of her growth charts are just right after barely charting when she turned one.  However, there is some concern about her vocabulary.  While she spends a lot of time "talking" she is not really coherent on all fronts.  She has a full vocabulary of about 10 or 15 words.  But she is not putting any words together yet.  When you ask her to say a word back she says the first syllable clearly and the rest falls off.  We are going to give it until she turns 2.5 to look into taking her to speech therapy.  Cause my girl is smart as a whip and we are hoping it will start becoming clearer sooner.  Any advice?

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  1. She is seriously adorable and getting so big so fast!

  2. Awww she is sooo stinking cute!!!!! Happy Birthday little girl!
    Lucas used to cut off the end of words. We took him to speech starting around 3, but probably could/should have started him sooner. Sometimes being around older children frequently can help with speech. Otherwise just keep having her repeat the words and break them up into syllables, finally run them together and see if she can do it that way. Just some thoughts.

  3. It's crazy that's she already two! And having her drink from an open cup (with no lid or straw) can help stimulate and develop the tongue and speech muscles.