Brooklyn | One month

Today I have a ONE month old!  What?!  Say it isn't so...

I'm not really sure how an entire month has already passed us by.  It quite literally flew by this time.  I thought it was fast with Grace... but holy guacamoly... I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING is going faster with baby number two.

Brooklyn is hands down an easy going child.  She sleeps through her sisters playing, screaming and crying.  She is kind of demanding when she's hungry... but otherwise I really can't complain with this sweet girl.  She even lets me sleep some at night... how did I ever get so lucky?!

Your first month quirks...

.You weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces the last time we saw the doctor at three weeks old.

.You came home from the hospital wearing size 1 diapers.

.You are in size 0-3 month/3 month outfits and 0-3 month/3 month sleepers.  You basically bypassed your sisters size newborn wardrobe.  But that's probably only because they've all shrunk just enough to not fit your long body.

.You love sleeping in your rock and play and very rarely take long naps in the swing.  You love naps in peoples arms though.

.You have already had your first bout of illness.  Congestion and a little cough that the doctor attributed to pollen.

.You already put up with so much from your sister - she loves to stack toys in the rock and play with you and she is constantly doing what mommy does when it comes to your care (burping you, giving you your binky, giving you a blanket, etc.).  I just know some day you all will be the best of friends.

.You grunt a lot.  Especially when filling your diaper.

.You have the most beautiful big dark blue eyes right now that can sit there and stare at my face for hours.  I adore it as much as I adore your sweet little sleep giggles and smiles.

.You don't play when it comes time to eat.  You will wake up and scream and let me have it until you've latched.

.You impressed the doctor overnight when mommy's milk came in going from 7 pounds, 9 ounces to 8 pounds even in exactly 24 hours.  You haven't stopped since.

.You just recently really started showing off with holding your own head up on someone's shoulder.  Plus you've started spending more time awake and alert.

Brooklyn - your sweet little face is such a calming factor in my life right now.  When everything else is chaotic I just take a second to truly stop and just be with you and your stares.  I'm thankful for you as I feel you are balancing our family out so wonderfully right now.  I hope you stay calm and relaxed as you get older.  We love you so much sweet thing!!  So so very much.

To read about Grace at one month, click here.

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  1. One month ALREADY?! I feel like you just found out she's was a girl. She's is cute. I never believed those people who say babies don't smile for weeks. Brooklyn has it going on!

  2. ADORABLE!!! Time is flying by!

  3. I can't get over how adorable she is! Gosh, time is flying by!