One week.

Somehow a week has already passed.  I thought life went quickly when we welcomed Grace into the world... but I'm already feeling like with number two life is going even quicker.

We are still working on transitioning.  My parents and sister were here until Sunday morning and really helped a lot keeping Grace occupied so that I could tend to the baby and Rob could help me as needed.  I am very thankful they were able to make the trip and be here to help us go from one baby to two.  Now comes the real test of our transition though as we do it just the four of us and eventually Daddy goes back to work and just the three of us.

So far Brooklyn is a fairly easy going baby.  After the first couple of nights in the hospital I wasn't sure because the nights were long and lonely with Rob home with Grace and me doing the newborn gig alone.  Somehow I managed and even though I don't feel like I've slept a wink since she got here... I feel good.

Last week we had two back to back appointments after leaving the hospital.  The first one she had lost about 11% of her weight... they suggested I supplement with formula.  Which was only needed twice as my milk magically came in Thursday night and by Friday she was back up from 7 pounds, 9 ounces to 8 pounds even.  Which makes me want to pat myself on the back.. because hello... I did that.

Anyway... on to the real point of this post (other than to check in and thank you all for the love and well wishes)... more baby pictures taken by Whit from Whit Meza Photography/Black Little Button that I am completely obsessed with.

Birth story to come...

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