I FINALLY got in to see a midwife in my clinic for my 6 week, turned 9 week, postpartum checkup.  (Can you believe it's been that long already?)  I almost called and cancelled as I had to take both my babies with me and it was pouring down rain in the middle of a thunderstorm and basically nobody in Clarksville knows how to drive.  But I went anyway...

I've felt GREAT with this recovery compared to what I went through with my first pregnancy.  I was up and walking around within 12 hours of delivering.  I think I definitely overdid some of what I did that first week.  Too much walking and not enough resting.  And I can't say that the first six weeks didn't have their moments where I just had to sit down because my head was spinning.

Mostly all of the symptoms I experienced the first six weeks have gone away.  I'm still feeling random bouts of back pain that seem to center around where I got my epidural, but nothing compared to the back pain I had while pregnant.

I'm back in my pre-pregnancy pants.  Well, most of them.  I'm five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  For the most part I feel good.  I can't say my entire wardrobe is fitting the way I want it to, but it is a process.  I am hoping to drop some more weight through breastfeeding.  But I know with the second baby, it may not fall off of me as easily as it did with Grace.

Regardless... I'm not putting pressure on myself to lose a bunch of weight right now.  My life is 100% chaotic and there is no time for much of anything because when I get a moment to sit and rest, I take it.  When the kids are asleep, I have other things to do like clean up from the day and I don't know, have some much needed ME time.

Nobody tells you before you give birth just how long and difficult the recovery process is and can be.  It is almost more challenging than the nine months of pregnancy.  For the first week or more your insides feel like they are super confused on where they are supposed to be.  You bleed so much you may think you are dying.  Plus you'll be sore.  Especially if you need stitches.  I remember being so frustrated after giving birth to Grace because the simple task of bending over in the shower to shave my legs made me feel like something was tearing and I thought I was going to pass out.

My best advice for new moms: take the help.  In the hospital, lean on your nurses when you are feeling it.  At home, lean on your family for both physical and emotional support.  Don't be too proud to say yes.  The more time you spend off your feet during recovery, the faster and easier things go.

I'm relieved this round has been all around better.  And being able to reach my toes, carry what I want and bend down easily is something I promise to never ever take for granted.

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  1. I'm so glad your recovery has been better this time around and you look great! :)

  2. Just curious, why did it take so long for your 6 week checkup? Was it a Tricare thing?

  3. Such good advice! It literally took me like over 6 months to feel like myself again, and as for those pounds... still have about 10lbs to lose, although I do fit into most of my pants again, the weight just seems to be distributed in different places now! Postpartum is such a weird time, although I'm happy to hear that it was easier your second time. I hope the same will be true for me!