Drafts for days.

I've currently got five different half-written posts sitting as drafts... while I know what I want to write.. NOTHING is coming out cohesive and post worthy.  Why?  Because my mind is mush these days.

Y'all, I can't even tell the difference between loose and lose.  I am LOSING it.  (Did I use that correctly?)

All of my time is spent with a two year old and two month old... plus the dog.  My conversations with my husband are brief and to the point because by the end of the day we are both basically done and over it.  Minus the occasional phone call home... I don't have long drawn out conversations about life.

Is this what being an adult is like?

Because it sucks.

Five other things...

// We traded in my SUV for a brand spanking new Ford Mustang.  Not really super spacious for a family of four... but the girls carseats do in fact fit, contrary to popular opinion.  My husband is SO happy and in my mind it is worth it.  He is using it to drive back and forth to work and the truck is our family wheels.. and you know what?  It works just fine for us.

// My heart was broken to hear about the shooting in Orlando.  So many innocent lives lost.  Five seconds later it was made political.  We didn't even have time as a nation to mourn.  Left, right, middle of the ground... innocent American lives were lost... and that sucks.  Terrorists suck.

// Grace's vocabulary is FINALLY growing.  We still aren't saying sentences really but she's putting two words together and can actually have some conversations where both sides understand what is being said.  It's tons of fun to answer "what's dat" about 100 times a day... but totally worth it.

// This heat is smothering.  I hate summer.  I hate sweating.  I love being able to be outdoors and be able to breathe.  This crappy 90 plus degree weather Tennessee has going on right now is a no-go.  Bring back the low 80s please and thank you.

// This last weekend was simple, and I enjoyed every last second of it.  Cleaning, laundry, tea parties with my girls, filling up the baby pool to attempt to cool off, running errands and watching Rob ride WITH Grace around the block (1/2 a mile) in her power wheels.  Sometimes the quiet weekends are filled with tons of special moments you just have to look for.

Really hoping my blogging groove comes back.  Maybe mama just needs a long winter nap.  In the middle of summer.  One can certainly dream...

Until the next publish...

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  1. I am loving the heat haha....I will sit outside all day long in this humid heat.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I have a bunch partially written but cant seem to find the words to finish them.

  3. I have around 60 draft posts, haha. A lot of them are recipes that I have never gotten around to photographing, so they wait.