Summer lull.

I wish my phone took pictures like this... but it doesn't.  
Thank you Whit (@ Whit Meza Photography)!

About this time every year I start to feel that familiar twang. Our summer days have turned routine. Our time outside limited by the humidity, bugs and harsh sun. We get up. We go about our day. And we tuck in at night. Like clockwork. On repeat for days on end.

I'm ready for fall. I'm ready for the social clubs to start meeting again. The air to turn cool. The pumpkin scents to return. I'm ready for all that fall brings. A break in our summertime routine.

But since we've still got months of this oppressive heat... we are trying to make the best of it.

Last weekend we found ourselves at the splash pad with some new friends.  We happened to run into Whit and Beau too. And it was a lovely morning spent chasing after an unruly toddler as sweat literally rolled down my back... all while trying to keep a baby in the nonexistent shade.  My one wish is that this wonderful splash pad the city put in would have just a tiny bit of shade for those more inclined to burn no matter how much sunscreen is applied.

This weekend we are having our neighbors over for some grilling.  Where five billion flies will probably also join us.  But small steps people.

Summer isn't my favorite and definitely never will be.  When the nights don't even feel like cooling off, it makes life just a wee bit less enjoyable.  (And by wee bit I mean a lot.)

So with that I will count down the days to Labor Day weekend... and the unofficial end of summer.

How do you beat the heat during the summer?!

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  1. It's SO hot here! I'll be glad when it's over lol! Hahaha. It makes me fussy.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of summer either, I definitely prefer fall.

  3. Great photos!

    It's really hot here too. We go to splash parks as well. Or play in the pool!

  4. Great pics! I miss swimming.