7 years married, and the makeup equivalent.

2010 was 7 years ago y'all.  Please raise your hand if you also find that hard to believe.

Why is this significant?

It means Rob and I have been married for 7 years.  On March 17, 2010 we went to the cutest courthouse in Annapolis, Maryland and said our vows.  It was us and the Justice, jeans and rings.

Now every year on St. Patrick's Day we celebrate.

Obligatory cute picture of my kids on St. Patrick's Day.
LipSense color // Bravo

This year Rob took the day off of work and we made a day of it.  Our first adventure was the parade here in our little town.  We happen to live in a college town... and apparently no one had school or work.  So that was chaos.  As I expected, my husband however did not expect such chaos.  As a result there was no way for us to get close enough for the girls to really see.  So we ducked into a pizza place and grabbed some lunch.  Grace was able to see some horses through a break in the crowd and she was perfectly content.  Now we know what to do different next year.  After that we headed for KC.  A 30-45 minute drive depending on where you are headed.  Rob rented a corvette for the day so after picking that up and a swing by the golf store on that side of town we were headed to my parents to drop the minions off with gaga.

Let's take a break here because it is IMPORTANT to note that this is our first date in over 3 years.  Except for a military ball shortly after we had Grace... this was the first time we were out without our kids for fun.

Our evening without kids included TopGolf (kind of like bowling, except with golf), tons of great food and a stop by the jewelry store, where my husband let me pick out a new pair of diamond stud earrings.  We cruised town in the corvette and took lots of pictures of just the two of us.  It is possible my husband may be a believer again in leaving the kids for an evening of just us time.

That's how you celebrate 7 years.

7 years...


I felt impossibly good all evening.. and thanks to THIS new found makeup lip obsession... I made it through the entire day with color in one place.

Maybe you've heard of it?  LipSense.

Y'all.  You MUST try this.  The color lasts all day.  You only have to apply once.  The gloss layer has completely replaced my chapstick regime and my lips have never felt better.  Plus I get to support one of my closest friends from high school and her sweet little family (we both have 2 girls and we were both pregnant at the same time with both... our youngest even share a birthday!).

Anyway... Chelsea is offering a special 10% off discount to Somewhere Over the Camo readers.  Just go here and tell her Amanda sent you and she will hook you up.

If a redhead can pull it off... you can too!

Here's to 70 more years with my love and another day of long lasting lip color.

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  1. So glad you had a great date and fun anniversary!!! 7 years - you guys are rocking it!!

  2. It's amazing how fast the time goes by!! :) Happy 7 years!

  3. Sounds like a fun anniversary :) and I love that your husband now has the "because I can" beard lol my friend John started growing his out the second he got out of the Marines!