Brooklyn | One year

Your quirks at one...

.You are wearing size 12 month clothing and busting out of size 3 diapers.  We are so very close to the end of a box, so why would we jump now?!

.You stand on your own these days and still cruise on around the furniture like nobodies business.

.You took your first steps this month.  You are fairly wobbly and don't go more than a step or two before plopping down, but you do it without thinking and typically when no one is really watching.

.You say 'mama' sometimes... not consistently.  But it is in your vocabulary these days.

.You just picked up on waving within the last few days.  To add to your high fives.

.You love dolls still.  And keys.  And balloons.

.You eat anything and everything.  You don't like ranch, but everything else seems to be pretty fair game. You love fruits especially.

.You still love to nurse too.  You nurse in the morning, before nap time, before bed time and sometimes once in the night.

.You still use a binky in the car and while sleeping.

.You now put yourself to sleep.  You nurse and then mama gives you kisses and I lay you down.  Sometimes you fuss for a second or two, but you do eventually fall asleep.  And lately you've been staying asleep or putting yourself back to sleep from 8 to 9 pm until 5 am.

.You don't really have a good nap schedule.  Sometimes you nap twice.  Sometimes you nap once for a few minutes.  Sometimes you nap for a few hours.  There is no rhyme or reason.  You nap best in the car if you are really tired.

.You love to drink from your cup and eat snacks from the snack cup.

.You are so very ornery.  Always up to no good and looking for the next thing to get into. But you know when to flash your beautiful little smile to get away with it.

.You are a flirt.  You love attention and dole out smiles like candy.

.You love daddy and sister.  A lot.

.You love to sit outside or sit inside and watch outside.

My Brooklyn --- I hope the light always shines brightly for you.  You are such an incredible happy baby and it takes a lot for you to lose your spark.  The small reaches for mama and the big smiles you constantly toss my way remind me so much of how innocent your love is.  Thank you for being the beautiful little girl you are.  Mama loves you so very very much.


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