If you have been around this blog for any amount of time... you know that month plus long blog silence can often be attributed to one of two things.  We just moved or I'm pregnant.  Since we bought our forever home in March and don't plan to move that can only mean one thing...

I'm pregnant.


We've only known for about a month but somehow my first trimester is already over, the family and friends have been let in on our secret and earlier this weekend we made it known via Facebook.

This was not a planned pregnancy.  It actually came as a shock.  But we are excited none the less.

And praying for a boy.

Things have been chaotic lately with a VERY busy 18 month old who keeps me on my toes and an active 3 year old that I'm constantly driving to preschool, speech or gymnastics.  I've also struggled for the first time with first trimester symptoms and it is has been a rough early pregnancy.  Nausea, heartburn, early doctors appointments for bleeding and of course extreme exhaustion.  I'm finally starting to come out the other side of things.  Even the disgusting floor beneath our kitchen table got mopped this weekend.  That's a huge accomplishment.

Now if only I can get caught up on laundry...

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