36 Weeks//Baby #3

Looking miserable at 37 weeks...

What Fruit are you // a romaine lettuce.
Due date // April 12th.
How far along // 36 weeks
Next appointment // Thursday.
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // don't know... just ready to have this baby out so I can start losing..
Swelling // in my feet and ankles most days.
Maternity clothes // mostly... can barely fit in some of them now... they just aren't long enough.
Belly button // in, unless I've just had some food.. then it is sort of popped.
Sleep // never enough.  I've been sleeping hard.  But still encountering some numbness and lots of having to flip over in the night.
Food cravings // sweets... always sweets.
Symptoms // way short of breath after doing very little.  Some sharp shooting pain down low that my doctor has said is probably round ligament pain.  I'm not entirely convinced. Upper belly/rib pain when I sit upright for an extended amount of time   And back pain.
Movement // alll the time.  Sometimes my belly even moves in sync with her practice breathing.
Labor signs // no labor signs so to speak.  Minus the sharp pains I've been feeling... nothing.
What I miss // everything.  Specifically beer, sleep and being able to keep up.
What I'm loving // checking things off on my baby to-do list.  Got all her gear put together... washed all her clothing... sorted all our baby shower gifts... working on spring cleaning the house and having everything as READY as possible.
What I'm looking forward to // scheduling my induction.. !!!!!
Best moment this week // celebrating 8 years of being married to my baby daddy.

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