Showering baby #3

It took us having three kids, but we finally got to experience the joy of a baby shower thrown in our honor.

This last weekend my Mom and my sister threw us and baby #3 a diaper shower get together to celebrate this last little girl. It was a blast and absolutely worth the wait.

We had friends come from all over to my parents house Sunday afternoon for a slew of baby related games - don’t say the word baby (clothespin game), who knows mama best, how many candies are in the bottle, guess the baby food flavor, what day do you expect baby #3 to arrive and a scratch and win game, plus food and a photo booth. We were all thoroughly entertained.

We received a nice stash of diapers and other thoughtful gifts for our sweet girl and I can’t wait to put them all in the nursery (when it is done, of course!) and then FINALLY welcome this baby. Mama is READY.

Now we just have a handful of weekends I’d like to get through before we will officially be on baby watch. Most importantly I am hoping to get through the end of March and Brooke’s birthday and party before her arrival occurs. Knocking on all kinds of wood so I don’t jinx myself.

Thanks, again, Mom and Erin (Dad too! For all the hard work you did in getting the house ready to host a party so soon after your vacation!) for such a special day. I’m thankful beyond belief we get to be near family for this labor, delivery and newborn phase with this baby. She’s going to be SPOILED.

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  1. What a sweet shower!! :) I'm so glad you were finally able to experience one.

  2. You got those diapers just in time! ;)