And she's two!

The day after we welcomed Emily into the world... we celebrated Brooklyn.  Our girls will forever share March as a birth month and were just under 11 hours away from sharing the exact same day.

This year we celebrated Brooke's 2nd birthday in a room on the third floor of the hospital.  My parents saved the day with cake and a balloon and both my sister and parents brought presents for our sweet birthday girl.  I had planned to do all that, and more, on Tuesday... but instead spent the day at the hospital rather than tackling my birthday to do list.

Luckily she's 2 and isn't at an age yet where she realizes it was not the birthday mommy planned for her to have.

For a split second we cancelled her birthday party that weekend, but Rob really came through and we were able to celebrate our birthday girl again on Saturday, just 2 days after getting home from the hospital.  We had family and a few friends over for some snacks and an ice cream bar.  Our girl was spoiled rotten and wiped out by 6:30 that evening.  A win for all of us.

(Let me just take a moment to once again send a LARGE shout out to my husband.  He has been the real MVP in picking up all the slack.  He helped clean the house, birthday party shopped and executed pretty much all my wishes in order for this party to happen.  Cleary it would not have happened without him or my parents who came early and helped with the last minute prep. Thank you SO very much!)

To my Brooklyn,

You are two!  Mommy can't hardly believe it.  You came into our life and have completely rocked it from day one.  You keep us so busy but make up for it in the sweetest hugs and snuggles, ever.  You are an absolute daddy's girl and have really rocked your new role as big sister to Emily.  We knew from the moment you attached yourself to your baby doll that you were meant to be a big sister, and sure enough... you've really come through.  I am so proud of all that you already are - a talker, a REALLY good ball thrower, a lover, confident and assertive.  If we could work on the listening and use of the word "no" in the next year, you'd make my life as your mama so much easier.  You are the perfect opposite to your big sister and I can't wait to see how your personality compares to your little sister.  Mommy just really can't believe you are already 2.

At 2...
-You weigh 30 pounds.  Your sweet rolls are ready to come out for the summer again.
-You are wearing size 24 month/2T and size 6 shoes.
-You have the most beautiful eye lashes to go with your thick brown hair.
-You surprise us everyday with new words, phrases and commands.
-You love baby doll and can't sleep without her.
-You are down to using your binky only at bedtime.
-You have started showing some interest in the toilet, but only when out in public.
-You are constantly falling, tripping and hurting yourself in general.
-You feed yourself and stay relatively clean now.
-You are very independent and love to do things yourself.
-You love blankets.
-You give the BEST hugs that darn near choke a person out.
-You are a lover, but only on your terms.
-You are still sort of indifferent to Diesel.  He prefers your big sister.
-You love the word "no" and balloons.
-You love food and eating, but are starting to become a wee bit picky.
-You remind me so much of your Aunt Erin.
-You love being outside.
-You wave hello to perfect strangers and think you are just the funniest toddler around.

You are our Brooklyn and we couldn't love you more!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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