Emily | Two Month

Our sweet little lady is already changing SO much... and we've somehow reached the 2 month milestone.  Sometimes it is still hard to believe we are parents to not 1, not 2, but THREE little girls.

Emily at two months...

.You are 13 pounds, 2 ounces, in the 85th percentile and 22.5 inches long, in the 46th percentile.  An ounce bigger than Brooklyn and a pound bigger than Grace at the same age, but a full inch shorter than both your sisters at this stage.

.You gained FIVE pounds in a month.  Mama is so so so proud of that fact.

.You are wearing mostly size 0/3 month and some 3 month clothing.  Kansas decided to straight up skip spring so we are rocking the onesies by themselves with a hairbow most days.

.You are wearing size 1 diapers.  We have one more box and if we haven't already switched by then, I think we will be headed into size 2 diapers.

.You LOVE your milk and still demand it almost immediately once your eyes have fluttered open.  Except for at night, you nurse every 3 hours mostly.

.You sleep in 7-8 hour stretches through the night from about 11/12 to 6/7 in the morning.  Wake up long enough to nurse and then go back to bed until about 10, on mornings we don't have any activities.  It is glorious, and also something Mom's chest is trying to adjust to, still.

.You started handing out more smiles this month, but they usually have to be really coaxed out, unless you are Grace that is.  You love your biggest sister.

.You love to just lay on the floor and watch everyone and everything.  But are not a fan of tummy time unless it is on top of someone.

.You coo at us every once in awhile and will carry on a "conversation".

.You still have a witching hour that starts about dinner time and goes until you crash for the night where you just want to be in someone's arms and not put down.

.You do not like shots... and you are mama's only baby that has had super tender thighs after shots, to the point that you cry if someone touches them.

.You hold your head up and love to be propped up to see the room.  You also recently started putting weight on your legs when you are held up.

.You have developed the most delicious rolls, that are a pain to keep clean sometimes.

.You spit up quite a bit.  I think you just over indulge and get a little greedy.  We are working on it.

.You "nap" about twice a day... sometimes more, sometimes less.  And have just started showing signs of stirring when your siblings are too loud.

My little bean... I love you so.  I promise I am soaking in every last aspect of you being so little.  You are just the sweetest and mama will never get over how quickly you calm down when you find your way into mama's arms.  It is the best thing about being a mom.  You round our family out so perfectly and I am counting my stars that God chose us to be your parents.

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