Slice of Life - July 2018

I had all these good intentions for this post to go live on Monday... and then on a whim I decided to clean the garage.  This was, of course, interrupted by a baby who just wanted to nurse and be held all while refusing a decent nap, a dog who desperately wanted my attention, and two big girls that alternated between fighting, whining and waking the baby up.  Mondays y'all, am I right?

Then Tuesday it was TAKE TWO.  But the kids, the dog and the husband all had different ideas for how the day would be spent.  After running around the house, running to the doctor, cleaning out the van, and getting Brooke down for a short nap... we ended up driving into Kansas City to run an errand which turned into dinner and some shopping with the family.  By the time we got home and got everyone to bed Tuesday was basically gone.

So here we are.  The real deal.  Hopefully.  And it isn't even July anymore.  Winning all around over here.
Yes, yes and yes.  I wouldn't trade the chaos our life is right now for the world. So on to a small slice of what we have been up to.

I absolutely adore this picture because hello my children are smiling.  Of course, we are missing one wee one... but when girlfriend is content in her carseat she is not to be interrupted ESPECIALLY at dinner.  We checked out a new brewery in town (my first time, Rob's second) with my girl Kara and it was so so good.  In this family you can't go wrong with a good brewery.

On a side note as it just randomly popped into my mind.  When we traveled to California last summer we were SO surprised when we stopped into a brewery and discovered it was not a family atmosphere complete with food.  Is that just a midwestern thing?  Our breweries are local craft beer and super good food all wrapped up in a kids are welcome environment.  It's the norm here.  Is it the norm where you are?

A couple (? I can't keep track of what happened on what day, date or time these days) of weekends ago we took a mini road trip down to Springfield to see my husband's family.  His sister is expecting a baby boy in a few months so we drove down for her baby shower.  It is only a 3.5 hour drive but these days it is a bit of a challenge for us to get away and actually just be in the moment.  So we made the drive and stayed the night.  It is always nice being around family.  Our girls are the only granddaughters on that side of the family (so far), so they are always spoiled by their aunts and grandparents with all the love, hugs and giggles.  It was a bit chaotic (as it always is traveling with kids... does it get easier?) but we are really glad we were able to come down and be a part of this occasion.  Now we can't wait to meet our newest nephew.

Y'all, I made this. ^^^ Aren't you so proud?  I have never in my life used diapers as a medium and it was kind of a pain in the butt but after seeing this video that made it look super easy pop up on my Facebook feed I was like I HAVE TO MAKE THAT FOR MY SISTER IN LAW.  Unfortunately it may be my first and last diaper cake.  So yes, I am going to continue to brag on it.

One morning in July my cousin sent me this sweet text message, just out of the blue.  She has always been like a sister and I go to her with so many life issues.  Maybe she just knew I needed it?

Can we just chat for a moment about how large Emily looks in her sisters arms?  She went from being my sweet little baby to this grown little thing and it is breaking my heart all over the place.

My husband and I often stumble across some hidden gems on Netflix.  Last Chance U is one of those gems.  It is a docu-series about junior college football teams.  They basically take in athletes that have some behavior issues and try and turn their attitudes around in order for them to move back up to the large university teams.  Now on its third season, I was so shocked when we turned it on and they had changed locations to a Kansas juco team, Independence Community College.  I would be super excited for a Kansas team to be featured, but I was extra excited because one of my good friends growing up is from Independence and his DAD was the mayor when they were filming.  So I know someone on Netflix.  No big deal.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I got to go to the Shania Twain concert with my sweet friend Kara.  We bought the tickets last summer before I found out I was pregnant with Emily.  But my husband is a trooper and let me go anyway and suffered through the witching hour of bedtime with all 3 kids by himself.  (Unfortunately Emily didn't take the bottle for him... so that makes me feel sort of guilty.  But it has been a week now and she is still The concert was AMAZING.  I couldn't even tell you the last time I went to a concert.  Definitely pre-kids, but probably closer to 5-6 years ago.  It was nice to just let go for a night.  We got to see my sister and her friend/roommate before the show and it was just a great time.  Shania Twain is a QUEEN.  There is nothing else to say about that.

Then the very next night after Shania, I left the big girls with my husband and took my baby girl with me to a reunion, of sorts.  My boss from back in the days of working at Build-A-Bear (my senior year of high school) arranged a reunion dinner.  I only knew a few people but it was SO great catching up with those that I did know, like Delta.  Every last memory from my senior year (and before) of high school into the first semester of college includes this girl.  We have experienced so many highs and lows with each other, so naturally it was lovely to catch up after life helped us drift apart.

My parents came out to dinner last week and a few girls were beyond excited to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.  A small reminder of why I am still so thankful that we live close to family.

One last thing... I am over on Military One Click talking about my top 5 baby must haves.  If you are a new mom, expecting mom or giving a gift to a mom, you have to read this.  I am basically an expert, obviously.  ;)

So here is to August.  May it be cooler and a bit less chaotic.

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  1. I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! I feel like the baby was just born!

    1. UM YES. Me too! She is growing far too fast for my liking... that is for dang sure. But then again, can we just talk about E for a second?! Same situation there too!

  2. Shania! That sounds like an amazing concert! And have you ever been to Kneaders? I think there are a few in the Kansas City area the next time y'all are there. We had them in CO, and I miss them.