Emily | Five Month

Our girl is growing and the months are FLYING by.  I am broken hearted about this because my baby has raced out of the newborn baby stage and is already heading into the mobile baby stage and I am not ready for this in any way shape or form.  The last child should grow up the slowest.  As a rule.

Emily at five months...

.You are wearing size 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.  But in the next day or two mama is switching all the clothing out for 6-9 month.  I'm fairly certain I am sort of late to the game on this.  So we will see how long that lasts before we have to bust out the 9 month clothing.

.You are hands down the happiest baby ever.  Your fussy moments are few and far between.

.You love one on one attention and have no shame in crying for someone to come over and chat with you.

.You started rolling this month.  Mama puts you down in one spot and you are almost always somewhere else if I walk away for even a minute.  We aren't ready for this yet, so please slow down.

.You tuck your knees up when you are on your belly on the floor. But luckily you haven't figured out how to put two and two together.  Thank heavens.

.You love your sisters and daddy.  You are constantly being helicoptered over but you don't seem to mind not one little bit.

.You are an absolute chunk.  Your rolls have rolls.  It is the sweetest thing ever albeit hard to keep clean on mama's part.

.You have sprung a whole head of "felt" as daddy calls it.  Your hair is trying to come in.  It is not thick enough yet for us to declare a color, still.

.You take 3-4 catnaps throughout the day.  Usually about 20-30 minutes long and you rarely let me put you down during this time.  You also nurse down for these naps.

.You still sleep through the night.  Thankfully since you don't nap.

.You are still sleeping in your rock 'n play next to mommy but that transition will be happening in the next month.  Which also makes mama sad.  You see a theme here?

.You still spit up quite a bit.  Grandma seems to think this is because of your hernia.  Highly possible. The doctors are not concerned about it because clearly you are a healthy little gem who is growing like crazy.  Also it doesn't phase you in the least little bit.

.You still have the smallest of hernia.  It is almost completely gone at this point.

.You love sucking on your hand and can soothe yourself when a binky is not present.

.You feel the need to be attached to the boob about every 2 hours on the dot during the day.  It's a pain but I know someday I will miss this.

My sweet babe.  Thanks for being the calm when the house is otherwise chaotic.  I may be about two steps away from losing it on your big sisters and I look over and your little beaming smile sets the world right again.  Our family is so blessed to be rounded out by you and I can't wait to see your little personality develop even more.

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  1. Gah she is adorable!!!! I can't believe she is 5 months.

    1. You are telling me! It is insane how quickly the last 5 months have passed us.