Fall things.

Halloween is next week... and I sort of feel like it snuck up on me a bit this year.  My kids have known what they wanted to be for MONTHS now.  So we had costumes all squared away, but it seriously just feels like it was October 1st.  This month has flown by.

Our fall activities that I have been anxiously awaiting have started and I still LOVE this time of year y'all.  Find me a place that has fall year round and I would leave my beloved Kansas.

Last week we hosted a Halloween themed play date.  I love hosting people at our house and since we have a nice playroom right in the front of our house, it makes it super easy to have mamas and their kids over to play.  We had 4 moms and 9 kids all wearing their Halloween costumes and devouring donut holes, fruit and special Halloween donuts.

On Sunday afternoon we met up with my parents and my sister to take some fall family pictures.  My mom has been longing for some professional family pictures to be taken of all of us.  So Erin and I lined up a photographer my sister works with through her job and we met on a gorgeous afternoon for some pictures.  We even had a few of our dogs join in and I recruited Aunt Kara to come coax smiles out behind the camera.  I am so excited to see what he was able to capture!

Sunday night our country club was having their annual Halloween party.  My parents joined us for a night of games, a hay ride, trick or treating and a buffet.  I made the girls wait to wear their actual costumes until the party and they LOVED it.  We loved the free beer that was offered on the hay ride while the littles trick or treated around the immediate neighborhood.  We definitely enjoyed the night.

Then yesterday morning Grace's preschool class had a field trip out to the pumpkin patch.  We had to reschedule from the original date because of a weeks worth of rain, but it was absolutely worth the wait.  The fields were dry, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect.  We grabbed a pumpkin, ate a snack and played on the playground before the farm was overran by several other field trips.

We still have a Halloween themed book club play date, my sisters Halloween event (she works for a neighboring town in their parks and rec program as the event planner), the Halloween party at preschool and then the actual day itself.  Hoping for all sorts of good weather and good vibes.

What is your favorite fall event?

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  1. All of these fall things sound like so much fun. I love the idea of a Halloween play date to get everyone dressed up. My friend is having a Halloween party on Friday and on Monday, the bar we go to for trivia every week is having a Halloween themed trivia. All of the questions will be Halloween themed and everyone will dress up. My two friends and I are being the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus for both!! Hope you have fun celebrating this week!!

    1. It is so fun to get dressed up, even as adults! I love the themed trivia night. How fun!

  2. i can't believe that next week is Halloween! I'm feeling the same as you, it really did sneak up on me and I feel so unprepared.

    1. YES! It came so fast... and now November is going just as quickly thus far!