Slice of Life - October 2018

Happy Monday friends!

It is Halloween week and I am already exhausted!  How do the kids just keep on going?

Popping in real quick this morning for a small Slice of Life post.  Most of what is gong on around here lately has been sandwiched into other posts, but I had a few other pictures I wanted to document.  So here they are.

These girls are OBSESSED with all things girlie.  Tutu skirts, dresses and princesses.  Grace is a Belle and Elsa fan and we watch Froezen A LOT because of it.  Brooklyn loves Moana and Anna.  Last weekend we went shopping with my mom and she spoiled the girls with these sweet dresses from Target.  It kind of makes me feel like they are teenagers all of a sudden.

Grace's teachers posted some pictures from school and I just had to share these two.  Have I mentioned lately how much these teachers remind me of saints?  To deal with 12 4 years olds is nothing short of amazing.  Grace still loves to go to school and we have been tackling speech twice a week as well and it is for sure keeping us busy but we also enjoy hearing about her days and what her major take aways are.

It is officially duck hunting season here in this part of the state of Kansas.  We often spend our Friday nights out in the country scouting ponds and wetlands for any signs of ducks.  The past few weeks have been absolutely gorgeous in that the trees are turning and nothing beats a fall drive in Kansas.  I live for it.

This letter came home with some borrowed toys a couple of weeks ago and my mama heart absolutely melted.  My favorite part of being a mom is watching these little relationships form.  My kids already have the sweetest friends and I have mom friends to boot.  It is absolutely the best.

With that I am off for the Monday morning grind.  I hope your day treats you right y'all.

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  1. E is the same way now with all the girly things!!! She has one of those dresses as well and she wants to wear it every single day.

    1. I LOVE it. My girls are obsessed with Moana and Belle. So naturally they HAD to have them.

  2. What a sweet note!! It looks she is making some really sweet friends. Those dresses are so sweet. I hope you have a great November!!

    1. She definitely is! It has been so fun to watch their little relationship grow.