The last of Halloween 2018

Halloween is seriously one of the best holidays to be a parent for.  The kids just LOVE it.  For obvious reasons.  I am totally not a person that enjoys being scared, but everything is better when you have kids.

Last Friday we had a super long evening driving 45 minutes to my sisters Spooktacular event.  I've mentioned on here before that she is the program coordinator for one of the towns in the area.  We try to support when we can, and my kids just love getting to see Aunt Erin.  They left with an awesome haul of candy, little trinkets and a small pumpkin.  Emily was not a crazy big fan of the late evening, but I definitely think it was worth it.

Halloween day started bright and early at preschool with the cutest costume parade and a Halloween themed musical performance.  After a quick outfit change, the kids resume a normal day to include a Halloween party.  It is always fun to watch the little faces.  This year Grace looked a little sleepy, probably because she was, but got the movements on point.  And as usual, smiled when she found mama in the crowd.  Is there anything more heart warming as a parent?

Olaf, Olaf's personal snow cloud, Elsa, Anna and Sven

We wrapped up the evening with my parents and sister, eating pizza and trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Rob and Emily stayed home to hand out candy.  Thankfully the weather was warmer than last year with the temperature in the low 50s.  Just when we thought Brooklyn was running out of steam, she opted to "keep going" rather than "go home".  Because candy.  I ended up carrying my 2.5 year old a good chunk of the last walk.  And somehow I didn't wake up in excruciating back pain the next morning.  So that's a win.

Now we are transitioning from our Halloween decor to our Thanksgiving decor and anxiously awaiting the feast of the year.  Hope everyone else had a spooky good time on Halloween.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?!

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