2018 - A Year in Review

My goal in life is to look back on each year and feel a rush of joy and happiness when I sift through the pictures and memories from the year.  2018 was certainly that year for our family.  For obvious reasons, as we welcomed Emily to our family but also because my kids are at this truly wholesome age where EVERYTHING is an adventure and the smallest things bring the most excitement.

So I spent my morning scrolling through the pictures, and reliving the moments.  Here is our year in review.

Warning... LOADS of pictures ahead.

Our big girl turned 4.

We bought a van.

I turned 28 and spent the morning with this sassy girl.

We took the girls bowling for the first time.

We showered my best friend in preparation for her wedding.

We went to a Sporting KC game.  The only one this season.

I was honored with my first ever in person baby shower.

We celebrated 8 years of marriage.

We went electric on our two primary vehicles.

I took my last picture as a pregnant mama.

We welcomed our little nugget, Emily Pauline in March.

Brooklyn turned 2!

We had our first holiday with all 3 babes, Easter.

Kara got married and we celebrated, Emily included!

Megan and Natalie visited.

We baptized Emily.

Grace had her first last day of school.

Diesel won some ribbons.

We picked strawberries.

Mom and I went to a winery.

We went to Deanna Rose with Aunt Kara.

We went to Science City with Aunt Erin.

We went to the lake and celebrated July 4th.

We showered my sister-in-law and newest nephew.

I saw Shania Twain with Kara.

We went to the zoo, a lot.

Rob renovated our yard installing a sprinkler system.

We went to the fair in Western Kansas.

We visited some sunflower patches and took some pictures.

Grace went back to school.

The great-grandparents visited.

Can't get enough of the sunflower fields.

We finally got to meet our newest nephew, Ledger.

We celebrated our 10 year class reunion.

Chelsea visited with her cute babies.

Megan and ALL her babies visited, again.

A deer caused $15k in damages to my van.

We visited the pumpkin patch with Grace's preschool.

We celebrated Halloween.

We went to our first KU game at Allen Fieldhouse.

We took family pictures.

Grace's school pictures came back.

We hosted and celebrated Thanksgiving.

And Christmas things happened.

What a year.  

I am hoping 2019 holds just as man fun memories for our family.  With Emily becoming more mobile by the day and the big girls as busy as ever, I am sure that it will be another year for the books.

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