Fifth Birthday Celebrations

It seems like overnight this girl moved into a new stage in life.  She's not a baby, or a toddler, heck I wouldn't even call her a preschooler at this point.  Even though she is for another four months.  I feel like I am getting a glimpse into her future, and I'm not ready.  In any way, shape, or form.

On Friday, at 1:14 AM she officially turned 5.  The day started with candles and donuts before school.  Preschool was extra special because it was pajama day, but we added some excitement with special birthday cupcakes.  After school, we went to lunch with Grace's best friend and her family.  Finally, we wrapped up the day celebrating with my parents and sister over dinner and some presents.  Grace got a new pair of boots from us and a sparkly purse full of change from my parents.  Somehow these two things turned our sweet little girl into a big girl and did a pretty good job of breaking mom and dad's heart the next day.  Why does it go so quickly?!

Sunday we had family and friends over for a mermaid princess party.  The theme changed about 100 times but she finally decided mermaids were it and the party was born.  We put out snacks, played some games, had a photo booth ($2 total from the Dollar Tree, y'all), spoiled and sang to our girl.  My favorite moment was looking back through the pictures after the fact and seeing Grace's face when she opened her big gift from us, a big girl bike.  It was all worth it. It was the first birthday party we have hosted that lasted longer than the allotted two hours, and to me that's a win.  Thanks everyone for making it out to celebrate with us.

The birthday glow is still alive and well in this here house.  Hopefully this year doesn't go too fast because it feels like it is flying by more and more.

Happy birthday, Grace!

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