Slice of Life - January 2019

A few days ago the weather here in Kansas was balmy and I had this inkling to purge and clean ALL THE THINGS.  So I did... The holiday decor came down and the clutter that had built up in more than a few rooms was tackled.  Yesterday it returned to winter in Kansas and more than a bit nippy outside.  But the sun is shining and the moods are high.  So praise be.

I typed that and then I realized I have been binge watching a bit too much Handmaid's Tale lately.  It happens.  Also dying at how season 2 ended... like why June?!

December's blogging hiatus means that a Slice of Life never went up and so this one may be a few months heavy.  Please bear with me.

On the very last day of November (wow - I know...) my parents last minute offered me a night off, while Rob was away on a special hunt trip he was selected for.  This last minute offer led to me accompanying my girl Kara to her work Christmas party.  I've seriously never seen a work party of this kind.  There was a marching band out of Topeka, all the local mascots, the best dang food ever, a donut bar, and a jazz band.  It was A BLAST to have a night off and get to do something out of the norm for a change.

It's me.  This is me.

Our December book club gathering was a cookie exchange with sangria.  I had to document the sangria part because I've been pregnant or nursing since 2013... and I took two sips of this delicious sangria and my sweet MOPs friends got a kick out of the ridiculousness that ensued.  I knocked a glass over, got flushed and couldn't stop giggling.  5 years of a beer here and there will lead to a dangerously low alcohol tolerance.  I'm pretty sure this is why my friends keep me around.

Grace had her very first sleepover a few days before Christmas.  Rob set up a tent in our living room and the big girls camped out snug as a bug.  I'm not sure we are actually ready for sleepovers but minus the fact very little sleep actually occurred, it was a lot of fun for the girls.  Plus, we were rewarded with newborn snuggles.  It ALMOST makes me wish another babe was in our future.  Almost.

A few more pictures from our trip to Springfield.  Our hotel stay was actually smooth this time.  No fighting the big girls to go to bed and Emily slept in her pack and play for the first time like a champ. We spent one afternoon at the Bass Pro - Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium thanks to my husbands family.  The girls LOVED it.  I don't think you can ever go wrong visiting an aquarium.  We also enjoyed lots of playing, the girls got to sit on my in-laws horses and several good meals out.  We always enjoy getting away for a few days to see family.

We came home to Springfield and I was surprised with the CUTEST gift basket on my front porch from my girl Tricia thanking me for watching her babe while she gave birth.  She used one of our local mom businesses - Gracefully Gifting.  And it is all to die for.  (A plug for Gracefully Gifting - if you need to find the right gift for someone in your life... look no further.  She puts together the most adorable gift baskets full of quality items.)

Do you send holiday cards out?  Early in the season I made a FB post about how it seems to be a dying trend and my heart HURTS thinking of this.  This year though my people showed up with all sorts of beautiful cards in our mailbox and each one makes me SO happy!  I'm old fashioned like that.

Just a reminder that life is good y'all.

A few upcoming posts coming this way (soonISH):
-An American made stroller review
-Emily's 9 month update
-Another Stitch Fix box review
-My tips for making mom friends (because I am SUPER qualified to give tips to you all.....)

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  1. I love Christmas cards and was bummed that we didn't seem to get as many this year (she says knowing she mailed her Christmas cards on January 26th).