So it is almost July and it has officially turned into that hot muggy nonsense that I absolutely loathe.  Summer isn't my jam.  But in so many ways I have learned that keeping my kids occupied during the summer months helps them, helps me, helps everyones sanity.  Sure, we already have a month behind us, but there is still a month and a half to finish off our list.  Some of these things we've already tackled, but I always think it is fun to see what people come up with for a summer bucket list.  So here is ours...

-Go to Deanna Rose Farmstead
-Complete the summer reading program through the library
-Swim lessons
-Picnic at the lake
-Go to the fair
-Visit Branson
-Go to the zoo
-Run through the sprinkler
-Spend a few days at the lakehouse
-Build a fort and watch a movie in it
-See family in Western Kansas
-Take sister pictures of my girls
-Have lunch with Grandma
-Practice writing names
-Learn the difference between left and right
-Potty train Brooklyn!!! (HAS to be done!)
-Attend Vacation Bible School
-Go to the farmers' market
-Celebrate the 4th of July with friends
-Back to school shop

This weekend we will tackle a good chunk of this list and I CAN'T wait.  It is going to be lots of fun for all of us (hopefully!).

How is your summer shaping up?!

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