Sending my oldest to kindergarten

On Wednesday, Grace started kindergarten.

We spent the days and weeks leading up to it hyping our girl up.  Although truly, she was so ready, and excited for school to start back up again.

The night before we packed a lunch together, dropped off her school supplies at Back to School Night, took an extra long bath, discussed how we would do her hair in the morning and almost as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was asleep.

Wednesday was a blur.  I didn't have to wake our girl up - she was ready, shoes on and everything with time to spare.  My mom came out to partake in the festivities with us and as soon as pictures were taken, we loaded up the van and we were off to drop our girl off.

She walked in and hardly looked back.  We hugged her and whispered the "I love you", "have fun" and "use your manners" messages, and then we were walking back to the van down a kid for the next 5 and a half hours.

And not a single tear was shed.

On Thursday we repeated Wednesday.
On top of all the excitement from kindergarten -
I have been battling some MAJOR allergies since our trip to
Western Kansas this last weekend.  So please ignore the weepy eyes.

But Thursday night it hit me like a chunk of bricks.  Over five years ago I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this baby girl.  I was large, miserable and ready, or as ready as you can be when you are about to welcome your first baby.  I had no idea what the next years would look like and at the time I just couldn't wait to meet this girl.

She was worth the wait, in every way.

Now I look at her and I don't see the 8 pound, 5 ounce baby girl we brought into the world in 2014.  I see my baby, starting to look and act older.  She's helpful, she is wise beyond her years, she is witty. She likes to carry a purse to dinner, and that haircut she got before school started? It somehow aged her a few years.  She wants to order her own food at restaurants and help us unbuckle her sisters.  She knows when cuddles are needed and uses her manners without having to be reminded.  She tells you sweet things without being prompted and asks the questions that catch you off guard.  She sits patiently in the dental chair and wants to answer for herself.  She recognizes the route home.  She is big hearted.  She is taller.  She is beautiful.

She walks into school and doesn't look back.

Will these milestones ever get easier?

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  1. Where does the time go?! I feel like she was just born.

  2. I agree with Jane! Hard to believe she's already old enough for kindergarten.