The last of 2019.

It's March, still, and we are very much still stuck at home.  Doing our part to flatten the curve.  So what better time to actually document and wrap up the last part of 2019?  I've been meaning to but honestly blogging always falls by the wayside in favor of life.

With that... here is the last of 2019.

We celebrated the kick off of (a very good) football season with family and fellow Chiefs fans.  Started the season saying it was OUR YEAR.  And what do you know?!

We got our family pictures taken by Lashay Photography.

We visited the sunflower fields at the very end of the season.  Long enough to snap a couple of pictures and then boogie.  It is tradition and y'all I am all FOR tradition.

I was featured in a magazine for Lawrence Lady Boss Project.  It is a local magazine, L Women's Magazine, but it is distributed to the entire town and it was such a special feeling and such a great high to ride.

We threw my parents a surprise 30th anniversary party.  They are truly an inspiration and it was a lot of fun planning and executing this with so many of our friends and family coming out to celebrate my parents with us.

I did something completely out of my comfort zone and walked in a fashion show for a good cause, Cooper's Cause.  It was crazy and insane and an experience like no other.

We went to the pumpkin patch.  Another tradition.  I am all about the traditions.

Our Halloween was fun with a bunch of super girls in the house.  Halloween itself ended up being chilly but everyone was super into it regardless.  Emily ran to every house with her sisters and kept up the pace better than we expected.

Grace had some art featured at school.  We've always known this little lady has artistic talent but it is so cool to see other people recognize and appreciate it.

I met one of the gals I have followed in the blogging world for YEARS.  Elizabeth embarked on a cross country adventure and stopped in our little town for a night. It was so fun to meet her and extra crazy that one of my best friends has followed her as well.  For completely different reasons, too!

Thanksgiving 2019.  We hosted, again.  This is my favorite holiday to host.  Hands down.  We enjoyed a feast and time with family and it was so perfect!

Brooke had her first preschool performance.  She did fantastic and it was so fun to watch her!

We visited Santa, a lot.

We celebrated Christmas at my in-laws.  Were the kids were absolutely spoiled rotten!

We did Christmas Eve at my parents.  We hit up mass in Eudora and then had dinner and presents at my parents house. Christmas morning was spent at our house with brunch and more presents.  My favorite way to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Our Christmas card this year.

Our last activity of 2019 was to celebrate New Year's Eve at the library at noon.  The kids really enjoyed the balloon drop and fun activities that the library incorporated into the day.  

And now we are finally ready for April and the rest of 2020... if we ever get to it.

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