Grace | SEVEN

January 25, 2014.

Our world forever changed.

We became parents to the sweetest little squish there ever was.

The last seven years have been filled with highs, lows, memories and adventures.  Being parents though has forever shaped the last seven years.  It all started with one little girl.

Grace Elaine, I am so proud to be your mother.  Your soul is the absolute sweetest but you know how and when to be spicy.  You have figured out how to always keep us on our toes and your funny personality is turning out just like daddy's.  I love all the things you create, your creative gene definitely comes from mama.  Your imagination is amazing and you know how and when someone just needs a cuddle.  You feel all the things with your heart, and while it may be something that leads to a lot of strong emotions, I love the way you feel all the things on a personal level.  That will be huge for you later in life but also be something you will have to find a way to overcome.  You are smart as a whip and learning how to read.  School this year has been a struggle with the virtual aspect.  But you push through and day by day we get closer to being fully back in person.  You are doing your best to adapt at all times and that is really all we can ask of you.  You love to give people things, making your own Christmas gifts for everyone this year.  You got that trait from mama, too.  I just love you and I am so so proud of you.

A few likes:

-Doggy, still.

-Hamburgers were added to the like list this year.

-Drawing and coloring.

-Being in charge.

-The color pink.

-In person schooling.

-Dallas Cowboys.


A few dislikes:

-Breaking your arm and not being able to play on the playground.

-Virtual schooling.

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  1. Wow! She's already 7. Seems like just yesterday you were sharing that she was on the way.

  2. I hope she had a great birthday! I remember you having her when I was a few months away from having AB and wondering what my baby would look like if it was a girl!