Emily | THREE

Three years ago our world was absolutely rocked when the sweetest baby rushed into the world 2 plus weeks early. Mama was not ready. But the moment that little squish came into our life... we knew our family was complete. 

We didn’t know we needed an Emily. But you’ve been such a blessing.

I’m not sure I did an at two post. For that mama is sorry. Your second birthday happened in the early stages of a worldwide pandemic and things were pretty rocky. The last year ended up being a blessing in disguise because you got even more time at home with both your sisters than you would have before.

At three you are...

Wrapped around daddy’s little finger. You are his number one which is both good and bad. You get away with a lot your sisters never would have. 

Somewhere between a redhead and a blonde. A dirty blonde I guess. 

Full of redhead sass. That comes from me and only me. 

Stubborn as all get out. If you don’t want to - whatever it is will not happen. If you do want to - you will not stop until you get it. This will hopefully come in handy as an adult. You know what you want and are not afraid to go after it. 

The biggest and best cuddle bug and love. You love to list out everyone you love (I love mommy. I love daddy. I love “Gace”. I love “book”. I love Diesel. Etc.). Watching you run and jump into daddy’s arms for a hug is one of my favorite things. 

When I ask you what your name is. You will respond with “I is baby.” May you forever feel special as the baby of the family. 

Moved to a big girl bed. But prefer to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed pressed flat against someone’s back. We are working on it. 

Obsessed with doing whatever your sisters are doing. Hide and seek. Barbies. Coloring. You are there with them. But you don’t mind sprawling on the floor playing with your little people by yourself. 

Love Mickey Mouse, still. And Peppa Pig.

Love hand feeding the chickens. Giving Diesel hugs. Running errands with mommy. Snacks (all the snacks). Doing everything yourself. Not wearing shoes. 

Dislikes chocolate, cake and cookies. Helping clean up. Not getting your way. 

Dear Emily girl,

Mommy loves you. I know I’m not daddy. But you know I’m always here for you. Your sweet and loving personality is one I hope never goes away. You’ve got your spice but you always know when someone needs a hug to be cheered up. Mommy is going to miss my little mini me when you start preschool this fall but I am so excited to hear how you will take on all the things as the big girl you want to be. You’ll always be mommy and daddy’s baby... always. 



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