Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well I have some changes in mind for my blog.  New layout, new idea/theme, etc.

Instead of this being a personal blog for family and friends.. I am going to turn it into more of a "people-who-don't-know-me" friendly blog.  I am going to try and write less about what I did over the weekend and more about events that get me thinking, crafts/unique ideas, my life as a mil spouse.. etc.  Hopefully it will get me over that 4 person follower hump.

SO bear with me while I kind of re-invent this. =)  May be under construction for a bit.

Don't worry though, it will still have me written all over it, and for those that do know me personally you guys will still know what is going on in my life for the most part.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Remind yourself.

A good friend once sent me this...

Huge hurdle.

I am proud to announce I have completed my first online session of school at Devry.  =) Only 4 semesters to go.  Which is 8 sessions.. if I'm doing my math right.  It might be 4 semesters and a session.  Need to chat with those advisers again and get the dirt.  Regardless, I feel so relieved . I have a 3 day break and then the first session of the fall semester starts.  Quite a lovely break.  Hopefully the one after this will be longer?  That would be nice!

It is cold and late.  I will update when I have exciting news to share (like grades!!!!).
Until then, HAPPY WEEKEND... mine has already started.
It's okay to be jealous.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Should of would of..

Definitely SHOULD be heading to bed right now..
but I WOULD have liked a shower first.. haha.

Just finished taking my final for my math class.
An hour and a half later... hopefully (fingers crossed) I did good.. or well enough to maintain my grade.

Tomorrow I have to tackle the visual design final project.
Thus why I should be going to bed..
Cause I also have to do laundry..
And shower, since I probably won't get to that tonight.

Sometimes being an adult sucks.
But on the bright side.. I'm almost done with my first session at Devry!!! =)
Going to get this degree knocked out.. and be done with school.
Although I think I will miss it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One of those days.

It was a good one, but at the end of the day I am left missing my husband a lot.

It seems most days tend to go like this though.

I can be out all evening.. even appear as though I'm having a great time, but at the back of my mind I can't stop thinking of how much better everything would be if my husband was with me.. or waiting at the house for me to get home.  Not every day is like this.. but the days that are hit me like a ton of bricks.

Whether it be a movie that has a love story line.
A wedding.
Or some random chick talking about what she wants in love..

Lets just say I am MORE thank thankful that I at least have Piston to come home to.  How do the wives that don't even have a pet get through it??

Things have been going here.. I work all week.. which is more than welcome as it seems like once I leave a weekend, I turn right around and it's weekend time again.  For the most part my weekends have been fairly busy.  For example this weekend, went and saw the new Footloose with my mom.  Which I highly suggest!  Attended someone from church's wedding and reception.  Met up with some people I used to work with for some drinks out on the town.. and I still have tomorrow.  A trip to Emporia for a chilifeed is in store.

:) Speaking of which, I better go shower and hit the hayyyy.. I don't have to drive but I do have a house I'd like to clean before Monday and a couple of homework assignments to finish!

Happy weekend everyone..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've noticed.

That I sometimes have a knack for over sharing.

I have NO problem talking about birth control or periods.  I'm not going to hide the fact I had a drink or two the night before.  If I haven't paid the bills yet because I just haven't felt like dealing with stupid bill service phone systems, I will tell you I haven't paid the bills yet.  If I find out juicy information about someone I know, more than likely my husband, parents and best friends know too.

Rarely do I just hold it in.  Maybe that's why so many people were shocked to find out Rob and I have been married for longer than it's been on Facebook.  I'd like to chalk that one up to the fact that we lived in Maryland.. and almost everyone else lived in Kansas among other places.

But I find myself wondering if I should censor myself at work.. my boss seems to share just as much with me.  But I don't want to sound like I am constantly complaining or really unhappy.  Or worse not responsible!  There is one thing I've had to censor myself with constantly when I'm at work.. my living location after next summer.  How it will more than likely not be in Kansas.  I want her to treat me as though I am going to be here for longer than a year, even though that's probably not the case.

Maybe I am the only one aware of what I say these days.  I definitely would not say it's a bad thing.  I'm just hyper aware of it anymore..

Monday, October 10, 2011

We've changed.

All of us from high school have grown up and changed.  Recently I have been back in touch with some friends from high school that grew apart after graduation.  Some of us are married, others have kids, others are in their last year of college, we almost all work, and the majority of us are in relationships.  It has both it's good and bad moments reconnecting with someone you knew when you were 18 and younger.  The person you walked the halls of high school with is not necessarily the same person today.  For the most part, yes.  But as they grew up and took their own path in life they also changed, or we could call it matured.  It's kind of fun thought to see where everyone is at this point in their life.  At the end of the day we are all the same age, but each one has their own life story.

Sometimes I wonder what old friends and acquaintances think of when I tell them I'm married.  My husband is in the Army and currently half a world away from me.  What did they see me doing with my life?  I'd like to think I am doing everything I always said I would do.  I'm about a year and a half away from being done with my Bachelor's degree.  I left Kansas.  If only for a year, I still left.  And I will leave again.  I wonder if it shocks people to hear that Rob and I are married.  Anyone that knew us in high school knew we had our good and our bad days.  Leaning more towards the bad days the majority of senior year.  In high school we were two totally different people.  Now look at us.. we share a life together.  (And it's a beautiful one!)

I know that sometimes I find myself getting caught up in what other people are doing with their life.  I really shouldn't.  But sometimes I guess you could say it's interesting and fun to learn that someone that never wanted to be a parent, is now raising a child all on her own.  Or the person that changed degrees every semester practically, finally settled on one and is 100% focusing on it.  I'd like to think positively for everyone I've met or will meet and what their future holds for them.  There are people from my past that I never want to have anything to do with, but that doesn't mean I wish bad things on them in their future.

Guess they call this growing up.  Being able to be mature about the past, the future and the present.  I'm content with where my life is.  Sure I wish my husband was here with me instead of in Kuwait.  But I can't change that.  So I will make the best of my life right now as it is, and write this chapter moving forward every day marching to my own beat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why is it..

That I feel like everyone else in this world is so negative?

A baby girl is missing in the Kansas City area.  The first thing people online from out of state think of is.. this is a scam.  After seeing the baby girl's father on the news, people think.. he doesn't seem sincere and upset enough.  Don't they realize everyone handles grief differently?  Can't they think that maybe for just one moment he composed himself enough to get through a TV interview?  Can people not just assume the worst of EVERYONE and think that maybe for just one minute this baby girl was snatched from her own bedroom, without anyone hearing by a complete stranger...

I feel like the only person these days that doesn't assume the worst.  I wasn't convinced Casey Anthony was responsible, knew Amanda Knox was not a murderer, wished for Troy Davis to be released just hours before his scheduled execution.  But everywhere I go everyone is so negative.  They assume the opposite of the positive outcome.

Call me naive, or call me dumb.  I guess I just see good in everyone and don't automatically assume guilt or fault.  I don't believe what the media always has to say.  I can come to my own conclusions based on the facts presented through the media.  It's just so crazy to see everyone jump to the worst conclusion possible.  Why the hell do we do that?  Is our society so screwed that we can't see good in anyone anymore?

I shake my head at all those willing to pass judgment so early.  All those not willing to see good..