Lost in the Story Line.

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So about that master bedroom post last week.. I fail.  As usual when it comes to posting on a normal schedule.  I can't really say that anything super fun and exciting happened that prevented me from logging on, uploading pictures, editing, putting together a post and publishing.  I just didn't.

That is unless you consider Weeds super fun and exciting.  Remember how on Monday I posted about how I had started re-watching?  That continued this week.  I'm on season 5.  And it's freaking stuck in my mind ALL of the time.  Is that normal?  I am not sure it is.

I'm one of those people though that gets lost in the story line.  With anything lovey it seems.  Obviously I don't watch Weeds because of the weed and the drug lord aspect of the whole show (I think that story line is whack and so far out there... although maybe...), I watch it because I want Nancy and Andy to come together.  Although I do like me some Nancy/Esteban romance and I was bummed that they cut Conrad out.

Anyway... back on topic... I'm the same way with books.  I can pick up a 400 to 500 page novel and read it cover to cover in two nights.  (If you like Nicholas Spark's type books.. please please please pick up a Kristen Hannah book.  You absolutely will not regret it!)  Why? Because I get lost in the story.  When I have to put it down it's back to my real normal life.

Not that I don't like my normal life.  In fact I love it.  I just feel an escape is sometimes necessary?  I'm not sure if that is the correct wording.  I like to get all wrapped up in a good love story, action plot or friendship.

It sounds so mushy.  So crazy-girl-that-doesn't-like-her-life-ish.

It's nerdy. But it is how I am.

I was raised on Little House on the Prairie.  Every night Dad would read a chapter or two to my sister Erin and I.  I guess you could say that was the jumping off point.  From then on Erin and I were constantly getting in trouble for reading under the covers with flashlights.  It was a game to not get caught. Throughout high school and a lot of college I put reading on the back burner.  I can't even tell you why.  So recently I've gotten back into it.  Averaging 2 to 3 books a month.  (I have to be careful cause I will stay up until 5 am reading.. instead of sleeping..)  And now I'm finding myself putting aside cleaning, laundry, blogging.. for books and TV shows with love stories.

For that I must apologize.

But lets be frank y'all... I'm a stay at home wife (hopefully finding a job soon ish!) who takes care of two dogs and her husband.  I have no children.  My dogs are crazy but not eating the furniture crazy.  We don't go out a whole heck of a lot because we don't know a bunch of people here.  If I constantly updated this here blog twice a week about my life.. You'd absolutely be bored silly.

So if I am missing.. I've probably discovered a new story line. :)
I had to LOL at these Pinterest finds.. especially since at least one came from my little sister.  I told you guys.. it is in the blood.


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  1. That pinterest find is so true. It takes me usually a week or so after finishing a book to start a new one.

  2. I do this exact same thing... books and tv shows suck me in! I don't get lost in movies but dang those tv shows...

  3. I understand about getting caught up in books. I love to read and when I was single I used to read 2-3 books a month, sometimes more. I love getting caught up and when I finish a really good book, I almost feel sad and want the story to continue. :)

  4. I seriously feel like I lose my best friends whenever I finish a good book. I feel the same with TV shows, but it's not quite as strong as books.

  5. I used to LOVE to read but as the years have gone by and life has gotten crazier, that is something that has fallen by the wayside, unfortunately.

  6. I love the phrase 'a book hangover', I get those all the time!

  7. I love Kristin Hannah, I keep meaning to find time to read more of her books! I definitely live with book hangovers. I will find myself thinking about a book for days after I read it, wishing there was more.

  8. most of my spam goes to the spam area, which i'm thankful for because i can't moderate comments--i have nerve damage and it kills my hand. i speak my posts and comments. random! anyway, i found your blog via the blog hop and just had to follow :)

  9. My dad did that too! A chapter or two of Little House... then we moved on to Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women, etc. It was great!


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