Honey, I'm home [MASTER BEDROOM edition]

It's here, it's here, it's here!  The last room in our new house!

The master bedroom!

So before I put any pictures up... I wanted to forewarn all of you all that I am not entirely done with this room.  But if I wait until I get it all done, then we will be PCS'ing and yeah no.

Let's start down the hallway...
Gallery wall!

Probably my favorite part of the house right now.  I just took a bunch of brown colored frames that were mainly used in  our old master bedroom and living room and clustered them all on the wall.

Down the hall to the left is our room!
Main part that is not yet complete..

Bathroom on the left. Bedroom door on the right.

I've surprisingly had a hard time decorating this room.  We started completely over when we moved here.  New bed, that is bigger.  With that comes new sheets and everything.  New color scheme.  To which I had to decide on decorations.  That are still a work in progress.  We have yet to purchase the matching dressers that go with the bed, so our current dressers are "making do".

With that being said I love what we so far have.  The bed set came from Kohls.  We got it for over half of what it was originally priced at.  I still need to order king sized pillows to fit the rest of the shams.  So the bed looks a bit empty.  We decided to not buy the matching nightstands cause they are SHORT.  Way too short.  Instead we are reusing some matching Ikea shelves.  I haven't decided yet if I want to try and paint them to match better or not.  Above the bed is still a major work in progress.  I think I need something else, so still trying to find that perfect piece.  I want to buy grey window treatments to go on the windows.  And there still needs to be some sort of decoration placed between the windows.  At some point we will have to find a different place to put the TV because the dresser I am getting is long and short, not tall.  The only area that is 100% is right by the door.  These two small gold picture frames with the prints came from my Grandpa's house.  So they hold a special meaning.

So that's that.  A work in progress really.. but getting there.

Please ignore all of the ghost spots... whack.

And we are done folks.  Never ever thought I'd say that!


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  1. SUPER CUTE! love the gallery wall for sure!

  2. Love it!
    On another note, everyone has grown up looking houses except for me....I don't think I'll ever have it decorated the way I want with the furniture that I like. ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing the tour!!

  3. I love it! Especially the gallery wall, that is a really cute idea. :D

  4. You did a great job! I think it can be hard to decorate, especially when you don't have an exact idea in mind. You've done a great job on your new house!!!!

  5. Love the gallery wall and your bed frame! So nice! :)

  6. Ah, this is the room I have been waiting to see! I love it!! Soooo....if I steal you and you just happen to wind up in my house, would you decorate it for me pretty please? ;) I am seriously lacking in the ability (or lack of) to decorate!

  7. Ooo... I love that sleigh bed!


  8. I love it!! Your bed looks comfy...