Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well that sucks.

The blog went silent there for a moment.  Which definitely coincides with my desktop going down in a fiery ball of crap.  I'm still bitter and hoping all my files can be recovered.  But to make a long story short... remember that ice storm last month?  Our power went out.  In the process of that I am pretty sure our surge protector on the desktop went south.  While Rob's grandparents were here earlier this month the breaker went out and after calling the electricians out they discovered said bad surge protector.  Well three surge protectors later my desktop will not boot.  Turns on, but doesn't boot.  Soooooo... now I'm waiting for the hubs to get a chance to look at it.  Otherwise we take it to a shop and then submit a renters insurance claim.

Blah, blah, blah.  Basically I'm without my beloved desktop.  So I have pictures waiting to be edited, no software to edit and nothing cute to add to this post.  Again, hello bitterness.

As a result I've been avoiding updating because I really wanted my next post to be a nursery reveal.  But nooooooo... guess where those pictures are!

Okay. So now you know.  Hopefully I will be back to picture editing and overall less bitter ASAP!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Marriage: The Fourth Year

March 17, 2014 --- Our Fourth Anniversary

4 years ago we woke up in our just-rented, mostly-empty townhouse and got ready for the day.  We dressed in jeans and a black shirt for me, a button up for him.  We drove to Annapolis and entered the courthouse.  Our 48 hour waiting window was up.  After going through security we anxiously sat on a bench and waited for the couple ahead of us to tie the knot.  I remembered we didn't have a camera.  Or anyone to take pictures for us.  They called our names.  We entered the chapel.  Much like a Vegas chapel (I can imagine) with the alter and pews, only scaled down and empty.  The JOP said our vows, we repeated after him.  We exchanged rings.  We kissed.  And he pronounced us man and wife.  Though the exact details of emotions, wording, reactions are sometimes a blur.  I will never forget the feeling of leaving the courthouse as Rob's wife.  Walking back down the street to our car surrounded by people clad in green and sometimes drunk.  We grabbed cheesesteaks, we furniture shopped, we carried on... and when we went to bed that night, we went to bed married.
March 17, 2010
4 years later we've experienced so much-together.  From living in Maryland, to deployments to Kuwait, to Georgia.  From adopting our first fur baby and experiencing life changing decisions with the second.  From traveling here and there and everywhere.  From going from two to three.  From tackling this Army life and all the accompanying decisions.  This is our life, we've built together.  I wouldn't change a thing.

4 years---ages, but really not so long.
Thanks for these 4 years Rob.
I love you---forever and always.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Six Weeks Postpartum.

Saturday I hit that six weeks postpartum milestone.

First off, for the thousandth time, how in the h-e-double hockey sticks has it already been six weeks??

So how am I doing six weeks after??

I'm good, if not great.  I've really been surprised with how "well" I've bounced back from delivery.  But I have learned a few things that nobody tells you before you go into labor, or after delivery while in the hospital.

1. It hurts a lot.  Getting in and out of bed, in and out of a car, up and down off of a chair, all that and more will hurt for a very long time.  This may only be true if you get stitches (like me... they stitched me up for the better part of an hour after delivery) or tear.

2. Pain meds like percocet will make your legs and feet inflate.  I was so swollen for the first few days cause I was popping pain meds to do away with number 1.  When I stopped taking them regularly, magically I returned to a normal leg size.

3. Breastfeeding is tricky.  Don't give up.  More than likely your little one will not take to it right away.  So stay persistent and calm.. it will happen (and then you will have a 2 month old chunk who is healthy in an "I'm-a-breastfed-baby" way.)

4. While you may not realize it while pregnant, when your body starts to go back to normal, you will want to jump for joy.  I wasn't one of those women who wished for my body back the entire time I was pregnant.  I wished to be able to bend, see my toes, sleep on my belly, etc.  But when I dropped the 20 pounds I gained during pregnancy within the first couple of weeks, I was seriously wanting to throw my body a welcome home party.

5. Again, while you may not realize it... if you see progress on the scale of weight being lost, you will want to celebrate.  Like I said, I lost the 20 pounds I gained during pregnancy, and so far an extra 11.  I feel great.  Some parts are still loose and jiggly... but man, even just losing a bit extra has made me a happy camper.

6.  With that being said... you will be loose and jiggly.  Things don't magically shrink and tighten back up.  Own it.

7. Even if you missed sleeping on your belly while pregnant, chances are you will not take that habit back up right away.  Why?  Let's just say your chest will be tender.. and yeah, that hurts to lay on.

8. You may pull muscles you didn't know you could pull.  Somehow during the first week and 4th or 5th week I pulled a muscle in my upper thigh/butt cheek area on my left side.  I've determined that while sitting up to feed in the middle of the night, I was using that muscle.  And holy ow.  I walked with a limp, I grimaced, and I complained about that more than anything else.

9. I've touched on this in previous posts... but you gotta keep yourself busy and get out of the house to avoid the postpartum blues.  We've had so much family in and out of the area, visitors and in general errands to run, that I have avoided the blues.  But I actively warded them off.

10. No matter how ready you think you are... you aren't.  There is so much to learn.  And probably will be for the next 18 years (at least).  But having faith in yourself, your husband, and your abilities to be parents will get you through.  Plus, it's okay to be a bit of a worry wart about your newborn and their freshly developing habits.  You are a mom after all.

Let me just say.. I love being a mom.  It's challenging, and tiresome.  It is a full time job for sure.  But at least once a day I look at my daughter, and smile.  I love her so much.  I love this job and this adventure.  I love that we were blessed with this opportunity.  And I fully know we are blessed.

Left: 39 weeks, 2 days pregnant.  Day I was induced. 
Right: Today, 6 weeks, 3 days postpartum.  Down 11 pounds.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Productive Rambling.

It is 2 am... the baby is asleep.  The husband is asleep.  And the dog is asleep.  Me?  I'm awake.  All I have been thinking about for a week now is blogging.. and how I need to hop on here and write.  But truth be told, there isn't anything to write about that hasn't already graced the blog since the first of the year.

So just a short update...

Last week we were lucky enough to get to have more family come and visit.  Rob has the best grandparents ever and since all mine are angels now... I am so thankful for these two.  They came and stayed with us from Tuesday to Saturday morning.  Grace enjoyed it.  Grammy enjoyed it.  Grandpapi enjoyed it.  Mommy enjoyed the extra hands.  And even though he had to work, I am fairly certain Rob enjoyed it too.

One thing I've learned since welcoming our first child... you truly find out who is there for you and cares about you.  Even this week, almost six weeks after Grace arrived, we are still receiving surprise packages and cards from family and friends across the country.  I still get texts from friends and family asking how we are doing.  We still have family planning to come see us later this year.  There is so much love for this child, and I love knowing that she not only brings joy to us, her parents, but to countless other people as well.. many who have not even met her yet.  We have had so many people go out of their way for us (visiting in snow storms, bringing us a hot meal, helping us gather our things to leave the hospital.. etc.) in this short less than 2 month time period, and I will be forever grateful.

I've said that before, I know.  But sometimes the love and thoughtfulness of others truly catches you off guard when you are least expecting it.

In other news, we've found our groove.  Or at least I'd like to hope it's a groove at least.  The witching hour has moved to about 10 pm to 1/1:30, depending on the night.  Way more manageable.  The screaming has died out some.  I've learned her cues, which makes things so much easier.  She's awake more, which is fun to say the least.  Nothing compares to the sweet smiles and coos that she is endlessly pouring out.  We are blessed with this one, I will say that.

This week we've even been busy while Rob is at work.  Running errands, just the two of us, going to lunch with ladies from the area, attending board meetings for the spouses club again... it feels good.  It feels good to get out of the house.  Yes, I have a baby, no, I will not use that as an excuse to stay home.  I can't.  If I do, I will wallow.  (I don't think I have ever mentioned it, but I am terrified of post partum depression.  The whole being away from the majority of my support system aspect, mixed with the fact that Rob for the most part gets to do things much the same as he did pre-baby... makes that whole ppd thing a serious concern.. so I keep myself busy, I stay happy, everyone wins.  Especially me!)  Regardless, I'm enjoying the routine of having things to do.  And having a beautiful baby to share it all with makes it extra enjoyable.

Otherwise I have many things I want to do (new blog design, re-doing our master bedroom ((it needs to become an oasis.... and not just the place we sleep and sometimes hang out)), finishing the last few things in the nursery, finally printing and addressing baby announcements) but I have no idea of when these many things will get done.  You know what.. I'm learning to be okay with that.  As long as there is time to cook my family dinner at night, throw a load of laundry in to keep up with the blow outs and spit up, pick up the house before bed... bigger projects can, and will, wait.

Besides, nothing is as fun as cuddling my girl and being on the receiving end of that toothless grin.

Until next time (who knows when that will be)...

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