Well that sucks.

The blog went silent there for a moment.  Which definitely coincides with my desktop going down in a fiery ball of crap.  I'm still bitter and hoping all my files can be recovered.  But to make a long story short... remember that ice storm last month?  Our power went out.  In the process of that I am pretty sure our surge protector on the desktop went south.  While Rob's grandparents were here earlier this month the breaker went out and after calling the electricians out they discovered said bad surge protector.  Well three surge protectors later my desktop will not boot.  Turns on, but doesn't boot.  Soooooo... now I'm waiting for the hubs to get a chance to look at it.  Otherwise we take it to a shop and then submit a renters insurance claim.

Blah, blah, blah.  Basically I'm without my beloved desktop.  So I have pictures waiting to be edited, no software to edit and nothing cute to add to this post.  Again, hello bitterness.

As a result I've been avoiding updating because I really wanted my next post to be a nursery reveal.  But nooooooo... guess where those pictures are!

Okay. So now you know.  Hopefully I will be back to picture editing and overall less bitter ASAP!

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  1. Oh no! Hope the computer is back up and running soon.

  2. Awww! I'm sorry! I've had computers crash before and that SUCKS! I hope you are able to get it up and running soon!!!!