Monday, July 28, 2014

Six Months.

It has been half a year since I gave birth to you my sweet girl.  Half a year has never flown by so quickly.  It still feels like I've been a mama forever.. and each day is an adventure that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Your quirks this month...

.You graduated to size 3 diapers.

.You wear mainly size 6 month in clothing, some 3 to 6 month.  Still 6 to 9 month sleepers.

.You are 27.5 inches tall.. in the 96th percentile.

.You are 16 pounds, 8 ounces.. in the 62nd percentile.

.You started eating baby food.

.You dislike veggies.

.You slept from 11:30 to 7:30 a few nights in a row.

.You still fall asleep around 8.  Sleep until 9:30 or 10.  Go back to sleep between 11 and 12.  Sleep until 6 (sometimes getting up around 2 to nurse).  Nurse.. then go back to sleep until anywhere between 9 and 11.

.You have started reaching out for mom and dad.

.You are extremely bossy when it comes to food.  You want it shoveled quickly into your mouth.

.You broke your two bottom front teeth on mom's graduation day.  Overall resulting in one rough initial day, but no real noticeable issues after.

.You still only take 45 minute naps.  An hour one is a GREAT one.

.You LOVE Piston.  Your face literally lights up when he enters the room and you laugh and laugh when he gives you attention.

.You are almost always a good baby at the meetings you still accompany mom to.  She gets told frequently that you are a great baby.  To which she agrees.

.You still breastfeed often.  But still get distracted easily..

.You learned to click your tongue.

.You are definitely an assisted sitter.  You do well if a pillow is right behind your butt... but you love to sit up and want so badly to be able to do it yourself.

.You mastered your bouncer this month.  While you don't really bounce... you enjoy being in it with everything just an arms reach away.

.You are still the biggest ham I know.  You smile at strangers.. and love to laugh and have a good time.

I never knew my exact purpose until six months ago.  I've never before felt so confident in my roll as I do when it comes to being your mother.  It's just right.  I am just lucky... so lucky.  Lucky to mother this child!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I walked.

I'm feeling in a funk.  Something about the summer I feel.  We are busy... life is going... and when I sit down to breathe I want to cuddle my baby, read a good book or watch Gossip Girl on Netflix (thanks Traci!)... I also want to blog.  I want to tell you all about life and how it is going.. when I sit down to type out a post though, I don't feel it anymore.  Now that this last weekend is behind us... Rob goes on leave in just a few short weeks.  Immediately after that he leaves for WOCS (Warrant Officer Candidate School).  I don't want to focus on how quickly those 5 weeks apart are coming (5 weeks, I know... but it is 5 weeks HIGHLY similar to basic training.  As in... no phone, no e-mail, just snail mail... and even that is a big giant question mark.)... how I am not really nervous about Rob being gone.  I know I can do it.  I'm just nervous about the 5 weeks of him not being just a phone call or e-mail away.   Five weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but these 5 weeks are so so important for his future, my future, our future... and that says a lot.  So yes, I am nervous and I may have some anxiety about it that is translating into a lack of blogging inspiration.  Regardless, please know I haven't fallen off of the deep end.  I'm just at a loss for words I guess.

How many times has that blurb shown up on this blog.. ^^^^

So this last weekend?

This last weekend was another check mark on the ole' Summer Bucket List... I walked the stage for my Bachelor's Degree.  Finally.  I've had the diploma for close to half a year now... but I graduated Summa Cum Laude.. and that my friends deserved a jaunt across the ole stage.

My parents and sister came down from Kansas on Thursday.  We spent a few days of seeing the (few) things Augusta has to offer (an old Catholic cathedral, an even older Catholic church, the gypsy's, several local restaurants - my family also visited the local swamp and it's inhabitants, aka gators.).. they have been here before so most of the major items were already checked off of the list.

On Sunday we car-a-vanned up to the Gwinnett Center in Duluth (an ATL suburb) for the graduation festivities.  Since I went to school all online, I had to find the closest DeVry campus - which actually wasn't close at all.  We ended up having to drive a little over 2 hours.  Luckily the ceremony was fairly short and sweet.  I was the only girl graduating with a Bachelor's of Science degree in multimedia design and development.  Not sure if I should be proud of that?

I'm glad I walked.  Even though my cheering section couldn't cheer due to a sleeping baby... it was worth it.  Something about the feeling of pride you get from wearing the cap and gown.

A special thanks to my parents and sister for making the drive down here to watch me walk.  It means the world to me.  Also thanks to my husband for paying for me to receive said degree (LOL!) and supporting me along the way.

This week we are back to husband, wife, baby and fur-child.  Finding our routine, resting away the tiredness that comes from entertaining most of the summer.  Just us again.
Rob snapped this at dinner... it's grainy, but so so perfect. ^^^

And to top all of the graduation excitement off... today Rob received his diploma in the mail.  It was like a kid on Christmas morning.  I am so so proud of him for accomplishing this.  Not even Kuwait could stop him from taking the classes needed to complete his Bachelor's.

And now that I am done with this post... I feel better.  I wrote. I said what I wanted... and maybe I can brush that funk right off my shoulders now?  I wouldn't say get your hopes up... but I'm going to try friends.  I hate reading blogs almost a week after they went live.  I hate missing out on the details so important to all of you.  I hate being MIA.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

10 reasons my heart loves July 4th.

It is no surprise that we love July 4th in this house.  But when I REALLY think about it... there are very specific reasons why I love this last holiday so darn much. (And yes I do realize it is almost two weeks later... but uhm, family left - and I am just now "recovered".. just in time for my parents and sister to get here for my graduation!)

One - Family time.  Not only did my husband get a four day, we also had family come and visit us from Maryland and Missouri.  We are super lucky (and believe me friends.. when I say I know it, I mean it) to be able to host our family, if only for a weekend.
Grace - her great Aunt - her second cousins.
The whole family.
Rob's grandma and grandpa.
Rob's Aunt, her husband and two daughters.
Rob's uncle.

Two - Red, white and blue.. everything.  Bunting, flags, clothing, hair bows, glow sticks.. you name it.

Three - Barbecues.  Our menu consisted of smoked pig, mashed potatoes, turkey, chips and dip and LOADS of desserts.  A very special shout out to my aunt through marriage for her amazing baking skills.. cookies, muffins, brownies.. Amazing.  All of it.

Four - The National Anthem.  Being sung loud and proud by Americans all across the country.

Five - Festivals.  Food, fireworks, good company, great friends.  Plus a little lot of sweat.
Hi phone quality picture... too cute to pass up.

Six - Beer.  'Nuff said.

Seven - Fireworks.  Big shows that make your heart beat with excitement (even if there is mad debris falling from the sky in the process) and small shows that make the neighbors you've never met come out and take pictures and silently creep from their driveway.  Big shows that make the baby stare in awe.  Small shows that make the baby cry in fear.
Reaction to the big fireworks show.

Eight - A full weekend of all American activities.  July 4th festivals, barbecues, games with the family by the lake and Cracker Barrel for breakfast come Sunday morning.  Because nothing says I'm an American like Cracker Barrel.

Nine - Grace's first 4th.  I've yet to find anything that can compare to celebrating your favorite holiday with your baby... in the land of the free no less.  She will always grow up knowing what freedom feels like.  Which hopefully one day she will truly understand how lucky she is to call this great nation her home.

Ten - I married a soldier.  When I married him... National Anthems, red/white/blue and the uniforms of our military took on a brand new meaning.  On days like July 4th, it is felt through every inch of my bone.  But everyday I see my husband in his uniform, serving this country... I feel pride.  Proud to be his wife.  And just as proud to call America my home.

Happy late birthday America!

P.S. Hoping to get back into a blogging routine... but this week things start back up with the spouses' club and my family is here for graduation.  So with that... we shall see.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Family & the Fourth.

We are so lucky.  Ever since Grace joined the world 5 months ago, we have had tons of family visit us here in Georgia. In just five months we have had my parents here for a week, Rob's parents here for almost a week and his grandparents here for a week.  As soon as one group leaves, it feels like we are counting down the days for the next group to get here.

Since Father's day my husbands grandparents have been in Augusta.  Several years ago they sold their house in Kansas and bought a trailer.  Now they spend 6 months of the year in Tampa, Florida at McDill Air Force base.  And the other 6 months traveling between Puerto Rico, Maryland (Rob has an aunt there), Kansas City (Rob has an uncle still there), Mississippi and recently, Georgia.  (Seriously living the retired life friends... and living it so well.) So Father's day weekend they moved in at the lake campground on post... and we have had tons of fun ever since.

We celebrated Father's day with a cookout.  We visited the local flea market.  We have had several evenings just hanging out watching TV.  We have gone shopping.  We have hung out on base at the lake with them.  This last weekend we embarked on a 3 mile (at least) hike through the local swamp.  And we have ate tons of great food.

Today we welcome more family in the form of Rob's aunt from Maryland and her husband and two daughters.  The girls are staying on base with the grandparents, and we are hosting the parental units in our guest bedroom.  Tomorrow we pick up Rob's uncle from the airport in Atlanta.  He gets to take over Grace's room.

For one extended weekend we will be one rambunctious group.  And I am so excited friends (if not a wee bit overwhelmed)!

There will be tons of great food, rummikub, drinks, fireworks, fourth of July celebrations on post, amazing desserts and have I mentioned great food?!

Above all though... we get to make these memories with our family and our sweet girl.  It will be the first time for Grace meeting her great aunt.  She met her great uncle in May when we visited Kansas City.  Her cousins are beyond excited to meet her and my girl will love all of the attention.

As a military family I know that we can not take these moments for granted.  I am so so thankful that we get to spend this holiday with family.

Plus, it's on my summer bucket list to truly enjoy and treasure this weekend.

So with that... Happy fourth friends!

Oh and.. yesterday a post I wrote went live over at Spouses Sponsoring Spouses.  Check out the feature here... it's all about my thoughts on Fort Gordon and the surrounding area.

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