Monday, August 25, 2014

Minor Setback.

"Everything happens for a reason."

Early Friday morning I heard from my husband.. less than 12 hours after he surrendered his phone at WOCS.  His APFT was that morning... his test was terminated before he could hit his minimum because his foot left the ground during push ups.

The good news is he gets a redo.

The bad news is.. instead of it being the following week, he had to push his WOBC dates back.. and in turn had to push his WOCS date back 60 days.

So he got home Friday evening.  We are glad to have him back, but excited to send him off again.  He gets an extra 60 days to prepare himself physically and mentally, he knows what to prepare himself for and he gets to go back when it is fall instead of 100 degrees in the deep south humidity that exists in Alabama.

It is not the most ideal situation, but we know that God has a plan for Rob and our family, and we are placing our trust in him when it comes to this road block.  I have complete faith that my husband will return in a few months and finish what he started.

For now though - he is home, and we are happy.

(Especially cause my husband was gone for less than a full week and my car decided to spring a dead battery on me.. good ole' Murphy!)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Well that went fast.

Hold up.

Where did the last weekend just go?  It is like one giant blur.  Filled with to-do list fulfilling, Thanksgiving meals, birthday celebrations and meeting new babies.  A good last weekend with our main man.

Thanksgiving dinner [top]
Ice cream cake to celebrate Rob going away/Abby's birthday [middle]
The last supper [bottom]

And then this morning came.  Fast.  Too fast.

Rob pulled out of the driveway just after 6 am.  I kind of felt like a mom sending off her baby to school (or what I can imagine a mom feels like sending her baby off to school...).  Sad, very sad.. but excited.  This new adventure in his life (our life) is such a good thing.

I am so proud.

But I am also missing him.  Doesn't matter whether it is 5 weeks or a year.. it never gets easier saying goodbye.  Life goes on though.. so you pull your big girl britches on and you tackle the day.

So I tackled.. after I went back to sleep of course.

My cousin rolled into town around lunchtime.  She is staying with me until Sunday.  Her husband is in the Navy.. and he is currently doing Navy things, on a ship, somewhere.  I'm not very well versed in Navy happenings, so I will not pretend like I know what he is doing.  But his away time is at the same time as Rob's away time.  So we will prop each other up for a bit.

I can't pretend today has been normal.. because it was kind of hectic.  The baby had a meltdown over the dog barking (never happens), the dog gushed blood for about 20 minutes from his tongue (long story short - my cousins male dog and my male dog got a little territorial and somehow Piston's tongue started bleeding.. all is well though, swear.), I cleaned up blood (it's usually baby spit up..), the dog had an accident during nap time IN the house (never happens.. he is 4 for crying out loud..), the baby had a meltdown over the steam cleaner (never happens) and overall I am just kind of tired.

Two of the three of us are out for the evening.. and I am right behind them.

From naptime

If you are the praying kind -- we'd love some sent our way.  Especially for Rob as he goes through WOCS.  For Grace, Piston and I too.  This whole first TDY since becoming a mom thing is sure to be interesting.

BUT I've got this.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Leave, for the win.

Well we are a week into Rob's pre-WOCS leave.  Inching closer and closer to getting this warrant officer deal started.  I feel like my brain is fried.  Like legit.  We haven't even done anything to fry said brain.. so yeah.. I don't know.  Ha ha.

To celebrate said fried brain, here are some thoughts.  Hopefully they make some sort of sense.

-First and foremost.. if you are a blog reader of Kathryn's... formerly My Life as a Reserve Army Wife.. PLEASE update your readers.  She got a total blog makeover and new URL and is now Kat's Korner at  I'm in love with her new design.. and yes, I did design it.. so toot toot.  There goes my horn. ;)

-Two weekends ago Rob kicked off his leave by getting super drunk.  Like there were shots of tequila, beer and margaritas mixed for 4 plus hours.  By the end of the night I felt like an old hag.  When did I get so old?!  Oh right - when I gave up my body to this wee person and I have to be responsible almost all the time.

-To make up for the crazy weekend we had two weeks ago (we also went to hibachi with friends, made a triumph return to church [more later] and dined out for almost every meal..) this last weekend was spent mostly at home.  By the end of the weekend Rob was asking "when did I last leave the house?"  It has been THAT kind of leave.

-I love Texas Roadhouse.  'Nuff said.

-My cousin just moved to South Carolina from Kansas.  She's a little over 2 hours away from me now.. and last week she visited us for the first time!  We spent the day showing her Augusta, eating some good food and making memories.  I love having family so close.  Grace and I are going to go see her after Rob departs, and I am very excited!

-This week is the slowest week in August for us.  Rob leaves next week, we have guests for just shy of a week and then there are a billion and one spouse events going on the last two weeks of this month.  I'm kind of tired thinking about it.

-We went to church.  It was the first time since baptizing the babe.  Which I am not proud of, of course.  But it is kind of intimidating to say the least!  We tried a new church, and we love it.  There are tons of younger families there and I can see us really getting involved there (just what I need, right?!  More commitments in the CSRA!).. this last weekend we didn't make it to church as Rob wasn't feeling good.  But I am hoping we took a step in the right direction.

-Our grass is ridiculously, stupid high.  I care, but then again, I don't.  Our neighbor is rude.. and so it kind of feels spiteful to have a jungle next to her perfectly maintained yard.  Is that totally wrong of me?!  Tomorrow though.. tomorrow, we tackle the jungle.  And by we, I mean Rob.

-Grace loves screaming at 6 months old.  Loves so much she does it all the time.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with this.  It's cute for like five minutes, and then I am over it.  Congrats to you baby girl on the new skill.. but save momma's ear drums?!

-As much as I dread Rob leaving, I've got a honey do list going... including - redoing the bedroom (or doing?  It never really got done.), finally cleaning my car, and a few other things.. good luck to me.

Going away dinner for Bilja...
Until we meet again lady... have fun in New York!

That's it. Congrats. You made it. I made it.
Until next time.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In the past month we've settled into a nice daily routine.  And to celebrate the fact that Rob is on leave for the next two weeks [pre-WOCS leave] and kind of sort of really jacking up our routine (at least in the morning...), why not discuss what we've been doing, and what has been working.

Starting at midnight.

Usually the day "starts" with me awake doing chores, blogging, watching Gossip Girl or enjoying the quiet.  Grace, Rob and Piston are all asleep in the bed next to me.  This is my me-time.  Between 1 and 2 I go to sleep.  I move Grace to her pack and play.. she sighs and settles.

(**note. Grace still sleeps in our room.  Our house has a split floor plan.  Our room on one side of the house, hers on the other.. with the living area in between. For the time being she is in our room, night and early morning feedings are way easier that way and I am comfortable with my girl just a foot or two away from me!**)

After a few hours of sleep for both of us, Grace wakes up between 5:45 and 6:30.  She nurses and goes back to sleep.  On a typical day (as in.. not during leave) Rob gets up around this time and heads off to PT.  We sleep until he gets home.  He showers and sometimes crawls back into bed.  Around 8 Grace usually wakes up for some quiet one on one time in bed with daddy.  I know how much this time means to Rob.  It is HIS time with HIS girl.

As he heads off to work he works his way around the bed kissing the dog, kissing the baby, kissing me.  I usually wake long enough to nurse the baby back to sleep.  All three of us slumber until 10.  Where we wake to more nursing.. followed by giggles and talking.  We lay face to face and just hang out.  Some days we don't even leave bed until close to 11.

When we do finally crawl out of bed.. Grace is relocated to the middle of the living room floor.  She enjoys some quality time destroying her activity mat.  Long ago she discovered that she can kick the arched part down and chew on it.  I spend the next hour propping it back up for her periodically.

Meanwhile the kitchen is calling.  Some times Rob comes home around 11:45 to join us for lunch.  With or without him I eat something.  On the days he comes home he scoops the little lady up off of the floor and she smiles away.  She loves that dad of hers.  When it is just the two of us, I eat my lunch and watch a bit of TV.

After everything is cleared away we head back to the bedroom for some quiet nursing time.  By this point she's started rubbing her eyes and sometimes fussing.  She nurses best in our bedroom with the lights dimmed, just her and I.  Typically she falls asleep after she is done eating.  I transition her to the bed, turn the monitor on and slip out.

The next 45 minutes are mine to do what I please.  Sometimes this is filled with a quick shower, starting some laundry, watching some TV or catching up on other household chores.  She doesn't sleep long... and when I hear that first fuss on the monitor I slip back in and cuddle her warm, waking up body.

Back to the living room we go.  More play time.  She has recently discovered how fun her bouncer is and loves jumping around while playing with all of the toys.  If she isn't in the bouncer she is sitting (!!) on the floor with a pillow or two behind her (for support.. and a soft cushion to fall on) and toys scattered around her.  She yells and talks to her toys.  She catches my attention and smiles.  I make a point to spend some time on the floor playing with her.

Usually this playtime is cut short by more eye rubs and fusses.  I don't know why we have to break up the naps into two short ones, but we do.  Back to the bedroom we go for more nursing and napping.  Sometimes this goes right up to when daddy gets home from work.

When he does get home it is excitement all around.  First Piston rushes the door and wiggles with excitement.  Typically Grace stares at him (if she is awake) like he has lost his mind.  Everyone gets kisses.  Daddy updates us on his day and changes out of his uniform.

Once he has settled into the couch and turned Sportscenter on, I plop the babe down and head off to the kitchen to start dinner.  I both love and hate this time.  I am learning to love cooking.. but I hate having to be the decision maker on what we are having for dinner that night.  Typically a half hour later I am setting food down in front of Rob and the baby is relocated to her chair.

After saying grace, eating and cleaning up I pull the highchair out and feed Grace.  She isn't really into vegetables, but I try and sneak some in anyway.  Bananas and apples disappear the quickest.  She mumbles her way through dinner.. we have to ALWAYS be making noise.  Once cleaned up it is time for the bedtime routine.

She gets a bath every other day.  The water is ran, the naked baby is in the bath hammock and we scrub away.  I sing, I talk, we laugh.  When she is all clean I cuddle her little body to me and we make our way to the nursery.

Into a fresh sleeper she goes.  Hair brushed.  Book picked out.  We recently started reading a book every night.  So I sit in the rocking chair and get her settled before opening the book.  Of course, she doesn't really listen.. she would rather try everything in her power to get the book to her mouth.  But we try, and that is what matters.

Once we finish the book we head to the bedroom for a few minutes of giggles with the whole family.  By this point it is 8 and she is ready for bed.  I nurse her, she falls asleep.  Some nights Rob and I move into the bedroom and watch TV while she sleeps.  Other nights we stay in the living room and finish chores and other projects.  Typically between 10:30 and midnight she wakes up for one last feeding before we start the whole routine over again.

Who knew I would learn to crave this routine?!

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