Minor Setback.

"Everything happens for a reason."

Early Friday morning I heard from my husband.. less than 12 hours after he surrendered his phone at WOCS.  His APFT was that morning... his test was terminated before he could hit his minimum because his foot left the ground during push ups.

The good news is he gets a redo.

The bad news is.. instead of it being the following week, he had to push his WOBC dates back.. and in turn had to push his WOCS date back 60 days.

So he got home Friday evening.  We are glad to have him back, but excited to send him off again.  He gets an extra 60 days to prepare himself physically and mentally, he knows what to prepare himself for and he gets to go back when it is fall instead of 100 degrees in the deep south humidity that exists in Alabama.

It is not the most ideal situation, but we know that God has a plan for Rob and our family, and we are placing our trust in him when it comes to this road block.  I have complete faith that my husband will return in a few months and finish what he started.

For now though - he is home, and we are happy.

(Especially cause my husband was gone for less than a full week and my car decided to spring a dead battery on me.. good ole' Murphy!)

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  1. It's great that he gets to go again so quickly!

  2. I am so glad HE knows exactly what is going on and all we have to do is trust Him. (If only it was easier.)
    Happy he is home for a little while longer with you guys!

  3. Love that picture!!!!!! Glad he's home and darn that murphy. Never fails, does it?

  4. I am so glad that he is able to go back!

  5. We had the same thing happen with OCS, 3 times actually, but the 3rd time he didn't get to go back due to injury. Enjoy your time with Rob, and I am sure he will rock it out next time!

  6. That's great that he'll get a redo. And that it won't be during the heat of summer!

  7. Oh no! That sucks. I saw a group doing their WOCS car wash this weekend and wondered if your hubby was out there. Hope it all works out!