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It is a below freezing kind of Thursday night here in eastern Georgia.  We are all tucked into our big king sized bed... but my toes are still cold.  While I'm not a big summer lover.. right now I am hoping and wishing for it.  Though that is partially because I just pulled the rest of Grace's 12 month clothing out.. and I just can't wait for warmer temps.. so let it be known.. I'd also be (more than) okay with spring!

So let's take stock (as Amanda puts it!), shall we?

Making: A mental to do list for tomorrow.
Cooking: Nothing as it is after 11 at night.
Drinking: Water.

Reading: Just downloaded Big Little Lies.  Our book club book for the month of February.
Wanting: 70s and no humidity.
Playing: Nothing... quite literally.  The TV isn't even on.

Listening: To Grace breathing on my shoulder, Rob typing away and Piston stretching.
Sewing: Nothing... but I need to get Rob's Christmas stocking completed...
Wishing: For orders.  Not that y'all didn't already know that.

Enjoying: That my girl is snuggled up against me, snoozing away.
Liking: That the house is clean and laundry caught up.
Wondering: If Rob will take his truck tomorrow, so I can go run errands.

Hoping: For a good birthday on Sunday!
Marveling: At my sweet little girl and her adventures in the walking department.
Needing: To go to the store. Real bad.  It is getting desperate around here... we had Ramen with steaks tonight.

Smelling: Grace face.
Wearing: Sweatpants and an oversized Jack Daniels t-shirt I got for free at a concert a few years ago.
Thinking: Of that concert from a few years ago.. hahahahahaha.  If only y'all knew.  Megan and I were unstoppable.

Feeling: Sleepy.  But content.
Bookmarking: Tattoo ideas for the next tattoo I want to get.

She is taking steps.. and I am so proud.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. My parents live in North Georgia and all they talk about is the current freezing weather. They both grew up in Michigan so I am surprised at how soft they are now. Haha. :)


  2. Here is hoping for a good birthday!!!! :) Hugs!

  3. I love summer. Like am obsessed with it! Big Little Lies is really good. I hope you guys thaw out soon!

  4. I have to wonder if smelling Grace is a good thing or not, haha.

  5. Omg! I just finished Big Little Lies! It was soooo good once you get into it! Enjoy!!!!


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