Friday, March 25, 2016

38 weeks//Baby B

What Fruit are you // a leek
Due date // March 28th
How far along // 38 weeks
Next appointment // next week.
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // too much.  No longer putting a number out there.  HA!
Swelling // since last weekend I have swollen hands and feet/ankles.  Officially lost my wedding bands... which never happened with Grace.
Maternity clothes // the very limited clothes that fit.
Belly button // half in.
Sleep // non existent.  I've started waking Rob up with all of my restlessness.
Food cravings // sweets.
Symptoms // tons of aches and pains.  Swelling.  Heartburn.  Crazy insane emotions.  Just overall crap.
Movement // lots of movements after eating and drinking... otherwise just feel her flinch a lot and hiccups!! Holy hiccups batman.
Labor signs // 2-3 cm dilated.  50% effaced.  A contraction here and there.  Head engaged.  Super low... we've officially started trying to jumpstart labor with walking the last two days.
What I miss // Piston.
What I'm loving // that family is here to help with Grace... it is a huge relief to have them here should I go into labor shortly.  And that my house is officially and completely set up minus hanging some stuff on one wall.
What I'm looking forward to // having this baby!
Best moment this week // family getting here and seeing Grace with her family.

To read about Grace at 38 weeks, click here.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Things I know.

It went from absolutely chaotic around here with family in town early thinking a certain little baby was going to make an early appearance to quiet as it became apparent she's on her own schedule.  We've spent the last week together, cuddling the afternoon away... enjoying our last moments of being just us three.

And if there is one thing I know... it has been needed.

In a matter of days we become a family of four.  With all this extra sitting around time...  I've been reflecting on some things I know right now at this point in time...

...Waiting on a baby is the worst thing ever when you are 150% over being pregnant with said baby.

...A house without a dog is painfully quiet.  But the pain gets easier as the days pass.  The memories will forever be a part of our story and there will never be another Piston... but we still hold firm to the notion that everything happens for a reason.  Thank you to all those who reached out to us and sent loving thoughts and prayers.  We greatly appreciate it.

...Rob and I make stubborn children.  I spent the last week walking and bouncing on yoga balls trying to get this little lady to make her appearance.. and nothing.  She is undoubtedly going to give us a run for her money JUST like her sister.

...The good part about family coming so early?  My house is clean, decorated and almost completely unpacked (Rob's garage is all that remains...)... so now we are just in the upkeep phase which is so so so much easier.

...I know what kind of mom I DON'T want to be... last week while trying to walk the baby out... we were at the park letting the kiddos get some energy out.  Then all of a sudden this mom passes quickly with her kid and my sister-in-law comes out of the playground with my kid and says that the ladies kid just pooped on the playground while the mom laughed at him for having his pants down.  I vow to NEVER be the mom that has a kid poop on the playground because I was too busy laughing.  And I promise to never ruin it for other children by not cleaning up said poop on the playground.

...The question "how are you feeling?" is particularly annoying when you are days away from your due date.  The intentions are all good and I am trying my very hardest to remember that... but sometimes it is hard.

...I'm starting to get nervous at the thought of labor again.  I don't really remember a lot from labor with Grace... but I know it was 25 hours before I met her.  It was almost 2 hours of pushing.  And then it was stitches and a particularly painful recovery for at least a week.

...This springtime weather is the bees knees.  Today it is rainy, but you know what?!  I'm totally okay with that because RAIN = SPRING.  I am sending love and special thoughts to my family and friends in Kansas currently experiencing snow... Kansas is a very confused soul.

...Trying to get caught up on blog reading.  It's hard... Grey's Anatomy is pretty dang addicting.

Happy almost 3-day weekend friends!

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Not supposed to happen that way.

Yesterday was an important day in our household.  Rob and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Normally I'd gush about just how good of a day it was... but it wasn't.  At all.  In any way shape or form.

Yesterday was one of the most tragic days of my life.  Unexpectedly our sweet fur-baby passed away. He died after doing what he loved and we are trying to find some peace in that.  He was playing ball and had a heart attack.  Rob was able to revive him briefly, but his big heart gave out and he went to dog heaven.

My heart is shattered into a million pieces.  Piston has been with us our entire marriage.  I moved in with Rob in June of 2010... and the day after getting into town we picked Piston up from the breeder. He's been there through deployments, separations, welcoming Grace home, four houses, countless vacations and the memories are all we have to cling to now.

We are trying to remember there is a plan for everything.  But right now we are very lost in the bigger picture of Piston leaving this Earth at just 5, almost 6, years old.

Keep our little family in your prayers, as we have to figure out how to go forward with a much quieter house and a very different routine.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grace - Two Years

Well we officially have a bossy strong willed two year old in our house.  Each day is certainly an adventure - some days Mom and Dad find more fun than others.  But that is all in the details.  We finally made it in to the doctor for her two year well-baby so here is an update on my girl.

At two, Grace is...
29 pounds and in the 75th percentile.
2 feet, 11 inches and in the 82nd percentile.
still wearing a size 4 diaper (but hello size 5 at next purchase!).
growing out of 18 month clothing and in to 24 month/2T at a rapid pace.
wearing a size 6 shoe.
mostly babbling, but adding words daily - "juice", "p", "bye", "go" to name a few.
understands almost everything.
loving yogurt, granola bars, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, ketchup. pizza.
sleeping in her own bed - for part of the night at least.
binky free.
a fan of Curious George, Sofia the First and Mickey (Meemee).
weaned from the boob - since about 20 months.
a creature of habit - always.
giving kisses, hugs, fist bumps.
obsessed with music.
scared of shadows.

hates vegetables and trying new foods, sitting in the seat of the shopping cart, being told no, diaper rash cream when a slight rash is going and getting frustrated.

Mommy loves...
how independent you are.
cuddles at the end of the day.
that you are a lefty too.
how attached you have become to your stuffed animals.
your love for dogs.
how bossy you are, most of the time.
when you hold my hand so perfectly.
how when you wake up at night... you need mama cuddles.

I've grown so much as a mom in two years... and the next year will certainly stretch me even further.  I've been blessed to have a beautiful baby girl who for two years has taught me the ropes of being a mother and how to take each day as it comes.  I worry unnecessarily and I stress over the small things, but knowing the love that I know as a mom, is a feeling like no other.  I just hope the transition to two goes as smoothly and my heart grows even bigger.

Thanks for being you baby love.  

Also - we are definitely celebrating the mostly positive two year check up.  All of her growth charts are just right after barely charting when she turned one.  However, there is some concern about her vocabulary.  While she spends a lot of time "talking" she is not really coherent on all fronts.  She has a full vocabulary of about 10 or 15 words.  But she is not putting any words together yet.  When you ask her to say a word back she says the first syllable clearly and the rest falls off.  We are going to give it until she turns 2.5 to look into taking her to speech therapy.  Cause my girl is smart as a whip and we are hoping it will start becoming clearer sooner.  Any advice?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

34//36 weeks//Baby B

What Fruit are you // a cantaloupe melon // as long as a romaine lettuce
Due date // March 28th
How far along // 34 weeks // 36 weeks
Next appointment // March 3rd, my 36 week appointment--3 appointments to go! // tomorrow
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // hovering around 30 pounds.  Still more than I weighed with Gray, but ya know... I'm okay with that.  I could blame it on the PCS and the holidays, but I don't care.  Don't need to place blame anywhere.  I am pregnant.
Swelling // none. // my feet.. just once after being on them most of the day.
Maternity clothes // sweat pants and t-shirts.
Belly button // in
Sleep // still not the best because my hips are KILLING me.  But I get enough to get by I guess. // not so hot.  Especially when she wakes me up at like 2:15 in the morning doing God knows what in my belly.  Never been woken up by movement.. and hope to never be woken up by movement again...
Food cravings // sweets. // bread.
Symptoms // heartburn late at night before bed.  Passed another round of GD numbers with my OBGYN.  I will test the week before my next appointment to make sure things are still going smoothly.  Otherwise just typical aches and pains. // tons of pain low.  Just pain in general.
Movement // painful jabs and rolls.  She's active and has officially found her way into my rib with a foot.  Making sitting during the day for any amount of time a giant pain in the side.  // I feel every little movement as I'm pretty sure she is out of space.
Labor signs // as crazy as it is since this is my second, I still don't know what symptoms to look for.  I had a sharp pain in upper belly that lasted briefly last week... which I am about 90% sure was a contraction.  Hoping I will know when it happens since I was so drugged up with Gray during her induction.  Otherwise... it will appear our sweet girl has started to move into position.  I've had full days where I've had sharp and achey pains down low and according to my doctor it is her head in position.  Which hurts... like hell and makes getting anything done next to impossible. // fairly used to the low pains now... they happen anytime I am up and walking around for any amount of time.  I just don't have the support after already having a baby to keep the pains away.
What I miss // my energy and being able to move freely without a big ole belly in my way. // sleep!!!
What I'm loving // how our maternity pictures turned out and how some days Grace just knows mama needs a day off to just sit and not be productive.  She is pretty good at reading my signs, and also pushing my buttons. // that I have officially entered the nesting phase and dang it things are getting done!!! FINALLY!
What I'm looking forward to // things getting done.  My to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking which makes my excitement for the baby not as high as it should be.  I have so much to do before she is clear to come--but no energy to do it. // my appointment tomorrow.
Best moment this week // Valentine's Day was pretty good. xo // washing the baby clothing and checking things off my lists.

To read about Grace at 34 weeks, click here.  
To read about Grace at 36 weeks, click here.

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