Our TN house - downstairs

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So basically the entire upstairs area is our old house size wise... we added the downstairs area with this house.  Rob got his man cave and we added another bedroom... plus a third bathroom (who needs more than two?! Cleaning three SUCKS.)

Another gallery wall - our office area - Rob's man cave.  No decorations down here really because my husband wants sole decorating rights... which means the wall will remain blank because hello, it's not a priority.

The guest bedroom.  Basic.  Looks just like it did in Georgia.

No pictures of the bathroom... because nobody cares about that.

To see the main living area, click here.
Up next and last? Upstairs bedrooms.

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  1. There is nothing like having a man cave in the house haha. We agreed a long time ago that Kyle would always have one.

  2. We had 2.5 bathrooms in our last house. I liked always having one available but nobody has time to clean that many toilets!!


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