The Army downside.

Well it's Wednesday night... the night after my family headed back.  Now I have baskets and baskets full of laundry, a full trash can and a very tired puppy.  The laundry will take awhile because the dryer in our rental SUCKS.  The rest I just have to work up motivation for.  Which I've learned QUICK it takes a lot of motivation to get my butt up and clean this little joint up.  And it really is little.  What in the world will I do when I have an actual house to take care of?!

Anyway that's not the point of this post... the point is... I will be SO thankful when 3 years and 11 months are up.  Because then Rob and I will be civilians again, and hopefully he will not crash out at 8 at night.  I will cut him some slack, most nights are not like this but right now he is in the process of getting promoted from a Specialist to a Sergeant.  Which in the Army it takes A LOT of stuff to prove that you are ready and capable of being promoted.  Thus all the stress and exhaustion.  But boy oh boy do I miss my man.  It was hard living 1,105 miles away from him for over a year of our relationship, but it's even worse living with him and getting to spend 1 hour with him everyday.  Thank goodness for Piston-that's all I got to say!  In September all the stress will hopefully go away and he will officially be a Sgt.

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