Officially creeped out.

Tonight one of my Facebook friends put up a status about seeing one of my high school teachers on the news.  Their crime... sex with one of their students.  Ew. Ew. Ew.

I can't say that it REALLY surprises me.  She was never one to put being a teacher before being a friend.  She always wanted to be best friends with all her students.  And apparently the school she got caught at is not the first school she has had this issue at.  A school in Oklahoma.  Possibly my high school.  And now this one in Easton.  Now come on... how is she still a teacher?

Maybe it's time for Kansas to look at their laws a little differently.  Essentially she is going to get off with probation and having to register as a sex offender for 10 years.  Would it be the same if this was a man teacher? At some point the state has to draw a line between letting teachers get away with relationships with students and bringing down these teachers.  The very least that should happen is for her to never be allowed to be a teacher, EVER again.  Even if the students was 17 years old, she should pay for her actions.. he is not a legal adult!

...Just disgusting.

In other news, we thought Rob had gotten poison ivy while in the field the other day.  (Turns out it is just a bunch of chigger bites, and by a bunch I really mean A TON.  Boy oh boy did we luck out! :]) Before we learned what it really was I ran to CVS and got epsom salt and calamine lotion and drugged him down with Benadryl.  So by the time I got home, he was well on his way to bed.  So I read the epsom salt container and what do you know!  It's a stress reliever when used as a bath!  Yay!!!  I got my first bath in our new place here last night.  I'm not sure our drain works all that well, I think it was secretly leaking the whole time.  At one point Piston stuck his nose in and then proceeded in to the bathroom to drink some water.  BIG MISTAKE.  Epsom salt is also a laxative.  Guess who got everything out of his system today?!  Piston.  My poor baby was walking around crying but I think it secretly made him feel better.  I laughed obviously.  Hey.. you would too!

Thank goodness it's the weekend... right?  It cooled off a bit here.  (I hope everyone in Kansas is officially jealous!)  Maybe just maybe it will stick around.  Oh and, I had actual fried shrimp (not shrimp poppers) tonight for dinner.  So far out of my bubble.  Isn't everyone proud of me?  Alright ladies/gents/whoever reads this have a marvelous weekend!  Hopefully ours will be good once Rob recovers from the chiggers and the 8 mile ruck march (a march with all your gear, over terrain and weighed down=no fun and lots of pain).  :]

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  1. Hate when that happens. Happened 3 times @ my high school while I was there.