Just another adventure to add to our list.

Tonight, just before poker, we discovered that my keys are MIA.  My set of keys for EVERYTHING.  The hunt is on lets just say...

Last seen; at the mailbox, one block away... I remember struggling getting them out of the lock.  So they at least made it back into the Corolla last night.  (Which I just realized... we have been checking the Civic for said missing keys, but I think we have been checkin the wrong car!)

Original plan of action; turn kitchen/whole house inside out.  Which of course yielded nothing.  But now the kitchen is clean and the laundry is sorted.  (Alright so I am noticing the positives in this dilemma, maybe I'm a little special.)

Second plan of action; make missing keys notes to put on all neighbors in our "blocks" front doors.  The keys went missing between the car being parked outside of the house and the front door apparently.  Which means one of our neighbors more than likely found them today at some point.  After that we dialed up the 24-hour emergency line for the complex... where we were laughed at.  Can you say rude?  I think the old man was just pissed that at 10 at night he had to go change out some locks, since all he did was take the lock from an empty unit and replace ours with it.

Future plan of action if no keys turn up within 24 to 36 hours; figure out where TONS of money is going to come from so the locks and ignitions on the Corolla and Civic can be replaced.  Not going to be cheap.  So please send some happy thoughts are way that my lovely set of keys will turn up here in the near future.  Otherwise hello living on the bare minimum, it's so nice to meet you, ya ass.

Oh it's SO exciting living on your own. :] Now I am going to go check the actual car the keys were last seen in. Ha ha.

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